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European Parliament Using Olympics for Political Assault on Serbia

In short, an assault on the territorial integrity of the state of Serbia.



["The resolution also called on the International Olympic Committee to allow Kosovo sportsmen to compete in this year’s Olympic games in London, but analysts said it was unlikely to happen, because the EP has no competences over the games and competition schedule has already been completed."]

--read the full article here.

A lowdown underhanded way of the EU to undermine Serbia's sovereignty over their own province of Kosovo.

At least symbolically.


Muslims in Illegally Declared "State" of Kosovo Arrest Serbs in Political Jihad


Muslims in the illegally declared "state" of Kosovo are perpetrating a political jihad against Serbs. 

Belgrade is protesting the arrest of Serb officials in the Serbian province of Kosovo:

["Serbian authorities on Wednesday protested against growing arrests of Serbs in Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008, saying it was a proof “that Serbs in Kosovo are exposed to terrible pressure”.

At least twelve Serbs have been arrested over the past week by Kosovo police on suspicion that they worked for Serbian institutions which Belgrade still operates in its former province, but Pristina claims they were “illegal”.

Four Serbs were arrested Tuesday evening at border crossing with Kosovo on charges that they carried election material for 6 May Serbian elections parliamentary and municipal elections, which Pristina opposes.

Five people were arrested on Monday for allegedly carrying Serbian political literature and for “fomenting national and ethnic hatred”.

Belgrade opposes Kosovo independence, declared by majority ethnic Albanians, but has agreed under international pressure to a joint border control, freedom of movement and on representation of Kosovo in international forums.

The European Union has tied Serbia’s bid for membership to normalization of relations with Kosovo, short of formal recognition, and pro-European president Boris Tadic is eager to please Brussels to achieve that goal.

“It is quiet clear that Pristina by such acts stultifies the agreement on freedom of movement and by frequent arrests of Serbs, who work for Serbian institutions, wants to intimidate Kosovo Serbs,” the ministry said in a statement. Serbian authorities on Wednesday protested against growing arrests of Serbs in Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008, saying it was a proof “that Serbs in Kosovo are exposed to terrible pressure”.]-visit the link above to read it all.

On the contrary it is the Islamists in Serbia's province of Kosovo that are "fomenting national and ethnic hatred" in their political Islamist jihad against Serbs living in their own land.

Instead of desiring EU membership, Serbia would do well to stay out of such a trap.



A Vote for Mitt Romney is a Vote for Obama

Don't want Obama re-elected?

Then don't vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries!

Obama is 100% unacceptable. Romney and Paul are also 100% unacceptable.

Having just received a 2012 Congressional District Census questioner in the mail for our 1st congressional district, two of the questions went as follows:

"Do you plan on voting in the 2012 Presidential election?"

[my answer]:


"If yes, do you plan on voting for Barack Obama or the Republican Nominee?

[my answer]:

 - you left out the option of a write-in vote. If Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee, the establishment's darling, then this voter will be making a write-in vote for Sarah Palin.

Sean Hannity, who endorsed Romney in 2008, has been very outspoken in his opinion that whoever ends up being the GOP nominee will be better than Obama.

And those who don't want Obama re-elected, [like myself], then you had better rally around and support the GOP nominee even if it is Romney.


If you don't want Obama re-elected,-- then don't vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries. It's as simple as that.

Romney is 100% unacceptable, as is Obama.

Don't let the establishment have their way and crown their darling Romney at the convention.

There are still enough primaries and delegates unawarded to deny Romney the nomination if clueless folks will just determine to not vote for him. 

A brokered convention is our only chance. 

If such a scenario does happen to be the case, Sarah Palin has said she "has the fire in the belly" for a campaign if needed.

It is needed.

There has not been anyone who could rally, inject enthusiasm, and unite Republican voters like Palin.

That is why the left and rino Republicans hate and fear her.

If Obama is re-elected president it will be the fault of those foolishly voting to make Romney the nominee. 

If Romney wins,-Obama wins.



Obama, and U.S. Representative to UN Susan Rice, Ignorant of U.S. Interests

The U.S, Representative to the UN, Susan Rice, urged Congress to resume American taxpayer funding of UNESCO:

["US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice argued that the funding reduction – some 22% of UNESCO’s annual budget – was hurting American interests and doing little to stem the Palestinians’ efforts for wider recognition at the UN.

But members of the US House foreign operations appropriations subcommittee, before whom Rice was testifying, pushed back against her appeals and indicated little support for providing the Obama administration the waiver it seeks..."]

Kudos for those members of the House Appropriations subcommittee that "pushed back against her" and Obama.

--read it all.

George Clooney, John Prendergast - Willfully Clueless on Foxnews Sunday

Not once during their interview on FNS with Chris Wallace did actor Geoge Clooney or his sidekick John Prendergast ever speak or mention the following words or terms:

Islam, Jihad, Islamist, Muslim, or  Islamic Shariah law.

Clooney and Prendergast were asked by Wallace to specifically explain why the Islamist Sudanese government of Omar Al-Bashir were killing and perpetrating ethnic cleansing against it's own citizens. 

A difficult question to correctly answer without the use of the referenced words above.

They did a good job of not explaining why. 

A  partial snip of the FNS transcript showing the answer offered by Prendergast is just below:Capture
That the Sudanese Arab Muslim regime of Omar Al-Bashir has been waging a jihad war against many of Sudan's own citizens is already known.

While Prendergast correctly states that Omar Al-Bashir's Islamist regime is perpetraing ethnic cleansing, he does not explain the why in answer to the question. 

It is like calling an act of Islamic terrorism a "man-made disaster".

The following is an adequate explanation of the conflict in Sudan:

["The Islamists that run the Sudan, led by war criminal President Omar Bashir, are bombing the people of the Nuba mountains in Sudan in an effort to ethnically cleanse them from the Sudan."

"Most of them, like those in the South, are Christians. But as you’ll hear the leader of the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) in the Nuba mountains say, Khartoum has declared Islamic Jihad on all people of Nuba, Christians and Muslims alike."]

--read it all and watch the video at the Right Scoop.

Why does the Sudanese Islamist government in Khartoum want to wage a jihad war against the people of Nuba?

Because they don't want to be forced to live under Islamic Shariah law that the Bashir government wants to impose on all citizens of Sudan:

[Anticipating the effects of Christians winning freedom from his rule already in December of 2010 Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who is indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity, laid out a vision for the future of his nation:

"If south Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution and at that time there will be no time to speak of diversity of culture and ethnicity... Sharia (Islamic law) and Islam will be the main source for the constitution, Islam the official religion and Arabic the official language", he told a group of supporters.]

--read the rest at Jihad Watch.

Not once during their entire interview on Foxnews Sunday, or for that matter on Meet the Press, did George Clooney or his sidekick John Prendergast ever speak of the reasons behind the Sudanese Islamist regime's war of jihad ethnic cleansing.

How could they, without using such words as jihad, Islamic, Shariah, Muslim, Islamist, or Islam?

Prendergast sought to answer the question put to him by Chris Wallace without answering the question.



Invisible Children: Islam's Abuse and Exploitation of Children

And for the most part that is exactly what the Islamic abduction, exploitation, and abuse of children is in the mainstream media,--invisible!

Recently a video entitled "Kony 2012" has gone viral on youtube and been given much attention by major media. Your regular nightly-news programs have no doubt shown some small clips of the video.

The video is about Joeseph Kony the evil leader of a guerrilla terrorist group deceptively called the LRA [Lords Resistance Army], and it's horrible practice of using abducted-exploited children as child-soldiers. 

While the makers of the video correctly state that Kony is not currently supported by anyone [government] ,they omitted the fact that up until 2000 Kony and the LRA were heavily supported by the Islamist SAF [Sudanese Armed Forces].

Kony himself was in official meetings with the genocide-indicted Islamic Sudanese leader Omar Bashir. 

Why do the makers of the Kony 2012 video focus soley on the LRA but ignore and omit any reference to the abuse and exploitation of children by the Hamas Islamic terrorist group?

Or other "child-soldier" Islamic exploitation of children around the world?

Perhaps the most documented and well known incidents in history are the Ottoman Muslim army's "Janissaries": 

["One severely condemned practice of Islamic slavery is the institution of Dewshirme, introduced by Ottoman Sultan Orkhan in 1330. This scheme consisted of collecting a part of the boys of the age-group of seven to twenty years from Christian and other non-Muslim families of the Ottoman Empire".]

Flash forward now:

"MILF [Moro Islamic Liberation Front] and it's Jihadi Child-Soldiers"-Jihad Watch.

"Islam and Their Child-Soldiers Trained for Holy War"-Lionheart.

"Abu Sayyaf' Using Women, Child-Soldiers"-ABS [Philippine news].

"Palestinian [Muslim] Exploitation of Children"-Israel's Messiah

On the official website of Invisible Children, makers of the Kony 2012 video, -the exploitation, abduction, and abuse of children by Islamic terror organizations is - "invisible". 

The following statement is made on the website of Invisible Children:

"We are storytellers, activists and everyday people who use the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running armed conflict in Africa. We make documentaries, tour them around the world, and lobby our nation’s leaders to make ending this conflict a priority."

Joseph Kony and the LRA the longest running armed conflict in Africa?


The longest running armed conflict in Africa began with the illegal Arab Muslim imperialist invasion, conquest, occupation, and colonization of northern Africa in the 7th century.

And has not stopped. That is one reason why the Sudanese Arab Islamist government supported and helped fund and train Kony and the LRA up until 2000.

It is why the SAF [Sudanese Armed Forces] perpetrated genocide against southern Sudanese Christians.

It is why the indigenous Egyptian non-Muslim Christian minority is regularly attacked, have their places of worship vandalized, daughters abducted and forced to convert to Islam, and officially discriminated against under Egyptian Islamic Sharia governance.

This is a story that the makers of the Kony video should have called attention to as well. But they didn't. 

Have you seen this video?


What you can do:

To learn how to become involved with the plight of persecuted Christian families and children under Communist, Marxist, and Islamic dictatorships visit this website.

In the Middle East, support Israel.

Israel is a beacon of freedom and democracy in a region that is governed exclusively by Islamic dictatorships.


2012 Pathetic Virginia GOP Presidential Primary Turnout

The 2012 Virginia GOP Presidential Primary turnout was only 5.7% of 4,653,548 active voters in the state.

Only about half of the number of voters who turned out for the 2008 Virginia GOP Presidential Primary.

2008 results below:  

Last Reported: Feb 25 2008 9:41AM EST

John McCain
244,829 50.04% Precincts Reporting:
2,453 of 2,454 (99.95%)

Voter Turnout:
489,252 of 4,465,547 active voters (10.95%)
489,252 of 4,618,188 total voters (10.59%)



Mike Huckabee
199,003 40.67%

Ron Paul
21,999 4.49%

Mitt Romney
18,002 3.67%

Fred D. Thompson
3,395 0.69%

Rudy Giuliani
2,024 0.41%


2012 results:

Last Reported: Mar 8 2012 2:43PM EST

Mitt Romney
158,120 59.53% Precincts Reporting:
2,587 of 2,587 (100%)

Voter Turnout:
265,573 of 4,653,548 active voters (5.706%)
265,573 of 5,153,482 total voters (5.153%)


Ron Paul
107,453 40.46%

 With only Ron Paul on the ballot as an alternative choice Mitt Romney won the 2012 primary with just 158,120 votes. But that's still about 140,000 more votes than what he received in the 2008 primary.

In the 2008 Va. primary Romney only received a mere 18,002 votes. Huckabee garnered 199,003 votes, second place behind McCain's 244,829 votes.

So why did Romney do so well this time around?

Yes, it goes without saying that there was no one else other than Paul on the ballot to offer a choice.

But still, why such an increase from the mere 18,000 votes he received in 2008?

A very real possibility is that many of those who voted for the rino John McCain in 2008, were just as comfortable voting for Romney in 2012.

Islamic Terrorists Fire Nearly 100 Missile Rockets on Innocent Israelis

Jihad Muslim terrorists in Gaza firing scores of missile rockets at Israel.


Raining down terror on innocent Israelis who only want and desire to live in peace and harmony with everyone.

Jpost reports the following this morning:

["Palestinian terrorists in Gaza targeted cities, towns, and farming regions in southern Israel with waves of rockets throughout Friday and Saturday, setting off air raid sirens and injuring eight people

One hundred rockets - Kassams and the longer-range Grads - were fired by midday Saturday at civilian regions. Of those, the Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted 25 projectiles heading directly into city centers in Ashdod, Beersheba and Ashkelon. Seventy-five rockets exploded in Israeli territory, most of them in open fields. The barrage came after the IAF foiled a major terror attack, killing the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zuhair Qaisi."]

Foxnews report here. Foxnews and other media continue to call terrorists- "militants". Irresponsible reporting.

Israel stands on the front line in defense against militant global Islamic imperialism.

Whether it's the Philippines, Kosovo, Kasmir, or the Middle East, these are not un-related regional conflicts, but rather all part of imperialistic Islams quest to subjugate the House of War to the House of Islam

The folly of the premature ending of Israel's Cast Lead counter-terrorism operation in Gaza:

Since Israel ended it's "Cast Lead" counter-terrorism operation in Gaza, in large part due to misguided and ignorant international pressure, nearly 700 missile rockets and over 400 motars have been fired at Israel from Gaza.--read the full report here.      

March 6th: Super Dhimmi Dope Day

At AIPAC, Dhimmi-in-Chief Obama belted out,-"I don't bluff", to seemingly emphasize his readiness and resolve to use military action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

Today, Obama warned there would be a "price to pay" for what he referred to as "pre-mature"military action against Iran's nuclear sites.

In other words he has nullified his "tough talk" at AIPAC.

Judging from the Obama Administration's actions, and not just tough words, it has become apparent that any military action will always be "pre-mature".

The Ayatollahs of the Islamofacist regime in Iran will not be deterred by Obama's "words".

The Iranian regime presses on with it's nuclear weapons program while the international community is unwilling to take the only action that can stop it. Military action.

The U.S. and European allies should already have MOPPED up Iran's nuke sites.

Massive Ordinance Penetrator: