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Obama Lies: Says Taxpayer Aid to Fatah PA in America's Interest

No it's not!

In fact, it is against America's national interest to fund the Fatah PLO Palestinian Authority.

We are helping to fund the global jihad in the Middle East. Read why here and here.

From A7 News:

"Obama Bypasses Congress, Frees Aid to Palestinian Authority"

["President Barack Obama has bypassed a Congress block and signed a waiver declaring that aid to the Palestinian Authority is “important to the security interests of the United States,” AFP reported on Friday."]

--read it all here.


Update 04/29/12-

See also Pamela Geller's blog on this over at Atlas Shrugs.

A True Patriot: Captain America


this from Fox.

Captain America is returning with the Avengers, but lets not forget about the well known anti-jihadist patriot of old:

Holger Danske

[Like Captain America, he also carries a big round shield.]


Read the story of Holger Danske by Hans Christian Anderson:

["In Denmark there stands an old castle named Kronenburg, close by the Sound of Elsinore, where large ships, both English, Russian, and Prussian, pass by hundreds every day. And they salute the old castle with cannons, “Boom, boom,” which is as if they said, “Good-day.” And the cannons of the old castle answer “Boom,” which means “Many thanks.” In winter no ships sail by, for the whole Sound is covered with ice as far as the Swedish coast, and has quite the appearance of a high-road. The Danish and the Swedish flags wave, and Danes and Swedes say, “Good-day,” and “Thank you” to each other, not with cannons, but with a friendly shake of the hand; and they exchange white bread and biscuits with each other, because foreign articles taste the best.

But the most beautiful sight of all is the old castle of Kronenburg, where Holger Danske sits in the deep, dark cellar, into which no one goes. He is clad in iron and steel, and rests his head on his strong arm; his long beard hangs down upon the marble table, into which it has become firmly rooted; he sleeps and dreams, but in his dreams he sees everything that happens in Denmark. On each Christmas-eve an angel comes to him and tells him that all he has dreamed is true, and that he may go to sleep again in peace, as Denmark is not yet in any real danger; but should danger ever come, then Holger Danske will rouse himself, and the table will burst asunder as he draws out his beard. Then he will come forth in his strength, and strike a blow that shall sound in all the countries of the world."]

-read the full story here.

So the Arabs [so-called Palestinians] Really Want Peace?

PA [Palestinian Authority] official:

"We need to unite to destroy Israel"

Sound like peace talk? From PMW-

["A Palestinian Authority minister stated last month that the Palestinians should unite in order to focus on the destruction of Israel.

At an event with the participation of three PA ministers, Minister of Social Affairs Majida Al-Masri called for Palestinian unity and reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas in order "to turn to the struggle for the liberation of Palestine - all of Palestine."

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that when the Palestinian Authority uses the expression "all of Palestine," they include all of Israel."]

--read it all here.

It's part and parcel of the global jihad.

Whether in the Philippines [South Pacific], the Balkans, or the Middle East, its all part of the same imperialistic Islamic ideology

Islamist Sudan's Ongoing Jihad Against the South

Indicted Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir:

"We want to liberate our brothers from those vermin..."-from Memri.

Last month [March] actor George Clooney and John Prendergast were on Fox News Sunday to talk about the ethnic cleansing and jihad war being perpetrated by North Sudan's Islamist regime against the people of the Nuba mountain region, and the Southern Sudanese.

It was pointed out in a previous blog post how not once during their entire interview did Clooney or Prendergast ever once mention or make use of such words and terms as "Islamist, jihad, Muslim, Islamization, Shariah, or Arabization.

So when asked by the FNS host exactly why North Sudan is pepetrating these war crimes of ethnic cleansing, Prendergast did a good job of answering the question,- without answering the question.

Because to adequately explain why the North Sudanese Islamist regime is doing what their doing, it cannot be done without the use of those words and terms.

Contrast their interview on FNS with that of Faith McDonnel's interview on Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio dealing with the same subjeact matter.

The difference in the two interviews is like night and day.

On Secure Freedom Radio Faith McDonnel adequately makes use of such words and terms as Islamizaion, Arabization, jihad, and Shariah. 

The world's imposed "peace-partner" for Israel, the Fatah PA, in support of Sudanese Islamist regime:


Global jihad fueling genocide:


See also "BBC Admits to treating Islam with Kid Gloves"-Cassandra Effect

[with kid gloves?, so does Obama and Clooney]

The Nobel Foundation is a Foundation of Stupidity

070604_r16272_p233Gunter Grass, in photo at left is standing on the right.

Photo from Gunter's article "How I Spent the War".

Gunter joins the likes of other infamous Nobel pinheads such as Yasser Arafat:

["Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called German Author Gunter Grass' poem sharply criticizing Israel "an absolute scandal," speaking in an interview slated to be published Sunday in German paper Die Welt am Sonntag."

"Netanyahu ratcheted up his criticism of the Nobel laureate in the interview with the German paper, as well as defending Interior Minister Eli Yishai's decision to ban Grass from entering Israel.

Netanyahu termed the poem “shameful” and a “collapse of moral judgment,”...]

--read the rest here

It is a wonder that Osama bin Laden was not also the recipient of a Nobel peace award.

Afterall, -the Nobel Foundation did bestow such an award to Yasser Arafat. A PLO terrorist with more innocent blood on his hands than Bin Laden. 

Arafat was also a ardent admirer of the Nazi Mufti- Hajj Amin Al Husseini:

["Yasser Arafat is a murderer of Christians, Jews, Israelis and Americans including U.S. diplomats, tourists, innocent women and children. Yasser Arafat is an unrepentant terrorist - the modern-day inventor of Arab terrorism, an inspiration for Osama bin Laden and others..."]

See also-

"Obama Joins Infamous list of Nobel Peace Prize Loosers" via the Cassandra Effect.

A Street 'Church' Sunrise


Except from the Colorado Springs Gazette 2009:

["The church has no building to worship in, no choir, no elders and no rites and rituals. It meets in Acacia Park each Sunday, where Moran, who is not an ordained pastor, gives a short sermon and then helps the other church volunteers prepare a free meal for some 60 parishioners, most of whom are homeless."]--read the whole thing here.

No building, no choir, no elders, no rites, rituals, or pastor...

Like it already!

Fond memories of Acacia Park hanging out with "street people" hippie friends from another time.

Visit the Street Church here.

Acacia Park just to the right in this photo.

Looking straight ahead on Bijou st. towards Pike Peak.

The Marian House 'Soup Kitchen' is also straight ahead some distance on the right. Another frequent rendezvous.

Best place in America.




Mark Perry: Veteran Anti-Israel Journalist

0105perryMark Perry who has been described as a veteran anti-Israel journalist, a former adviser to PLO terrorist commander Yassir Arafat, is responsible for publishing leaked info in an attempt to deliberately undermine Israel.

[And that means undermining the U.S. and the West as well in the fight against global jihad terror.]

From Frontpage Mag:

["In his March 28th article, “Israel’s Secret Staging Ground,” in Foreign Policy, Mark Perry revealed previously secret information about Israel’s dealings with Azerbaijan; and many are now of the opinion that his article was in reality Obama’s knife in Israel’s back. According to Perry, four unnamed senior diplomats and military intelligence officers leaked information indicating that Israel has purchased air force bases in Azerbaijan for use in preparation for an attack on Iran."]

--read the full article here.

From Camera:

Ex-Arafat Adviser Mark Perry and the 'False Flag' Story-

["Mark Perry, the former advisor for Yasir Arafat and an advocate of U.S. engagement with Hamas and Hezbollah whose interpretation of General David Petraeus' statements concerning U.S.-Israeli relations were discredited by Petraeus himself, is at it again."]

--read the rest.