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Posts from July 2012

Letter to George W. Bush in 2004 from Craig Winn [and still relevant]

Still very relevant and important points made by the author of Prophet of Doom.

On that note the following one sentence from that 2004 letter fully conveys my own sentiments for this 2012 presidential election:

["Your political opponent is as misguided as you are. While I am a conservative, and a registered Republican, I no longer vote for presidents because there are only bad choices."]

See also:

"A vote for Mitt Romney,[ in the primaries], is a vote for Obama". 

[Don't want Obama re-elected?

Then don't vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries!

Obama is 100% unacceptable. Romney and Paul are also 100% unacceptable.]

-visit link above to read it all.