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Vatican Cult Applauds UN Recognition of "Palestine"


Read that report here.

From Frontpagemag:

"Exposing the Vatican-Islam Alliance"


["The Roman Catholic Church hailed UNESCO’s decision to grant the world heritage status to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. According to the Vatican authorities, the UN decision is a “diplomatic victory” for the Palestinian Authority. Last Friday, the United Nations approved the Palestinian bid to place Jesus’ birthplace on its list of sites of World Heritage in danger. Israel called the decision “absurd” and “a sad day.”

The Palestinian agenda at UNESCO is the de-Judaization of the land of Israel by Islamicizing the holy sites. Oras Hamdan Taha, the Palestinian minister who deals with antiquities and gets funds from UNESCO, made clear, “it’s writing or rewriting the history of Palestine.” Less known is that the Vatican institutions are collaborating with the Palestinian autocracy."]

---be sure to visit the Frontpage link above to read it all.

UN Recognition of "Palestine"?: The UN no Longer has Legitimacy or Credibility

[Originally posted Sept. 2011]

There are reports that Islamists eager to destroy the State of Israel will make use of the Islamist-highjacked United Nations to impose a "Palestinian" state in the very heart of Israel's Judea and Samaria.

Such an action will be null and void, and without legal validity.

Any UN resolution recognizing "Palestine" in Judea and Samaria will not have any degree of legitimacy or credible legal standing.

This is because such action on the part of the UN will be a violation of international law itself:

"This paper discusses the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish people, west of the Jordan River. It shows that the Arab claim that there is a legal right to a separate Arab state to be established in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (in Hebrew acronym – “Yesha”), whereas Jews are forbidden by public international law precepts from settling there, and the further claim that all Arabs who can trace their origins to pre-1967 Israel have a right to return to Israel, have no basis in international law."

--be to sure read it all.

In fact the UN has already been in violation of international law for several years. 

And thereby has forfeited it's legal standing and is no longer a credible legitimate organization.

The United Nations is No Longer Legitimate and Viable:

"Over the last few years, the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the United Nations has come into question.  The reasons for this range from the composition of the general membership, the Security council, and it's actions (or lack of action) surrounding various political, social and economic situations."--[read it all].

Update 09/20/11-

A must read from Caroline Glick: "Funding the Enemy"

A key excerpt-

["...the Defense Ministry argues that if the donor countries stop paying off the Palestinian militias - including the US-trained and funded Palestinian army - then their supposedly moderate forces will turn to the terror business to support themselves.

Aside from being strategically insane, this position bespeaks an unjustifiable unwillingness on the part of the leftist-dominated Defense Ministry to understand the basic nature of the Palestinian cause and what it requires from Israel.


Since the IDF and the Foreign Ministry and the rest of the government bureaucracy embraced the PLO as Israel's "peace partner" 18 years ago, they have been operating on the assumption that the PLO and its spinoffs - Fatah and the PA - are interested in reaching a peace deal with Israel. But this has never been the case."]


 Fatah, Hamas, the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas, Hizbullah are all part of militant Islam's global jihad.


Not "just Al-Qaeda".
As Obama seems to think.







Clinton, State Dept. Sued over Funding of Terrorism via the Palestinian Authority

A group of Americans living in Israel has filed a lawsuit against U.S. Sect. of State Hillary Clinton and the State Dept. for ignoring Palestinian Anti-terrorism Act requirements designed to keep funds out of the hands of terrorists. 

From Jpost:

["A group of 24 Americans living in Israel, including victims of terrorism, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the US government over allegations of funding Palestinian terrorism in the West Bank and Gaza.

The civil action, filed in the district court of Washington DC, alleges that the US Department of State, including Clinton, has ignored congressional safeguards and transparency requirements attached to US aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) under the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act."]

The merits of this type of lawsuit and legal action are definitely well founded:

"U.S. Transfers $200 Million in Violation of Anti-Terrorism Act"

"Funding of the Palestinian Authority is Against U.S. Law"

"Palestinian Authority Fatah Terrorists Murder Israeli Policeman"

"Palestinian Terrorism: Your Tax Dollars at Work"

"Recipients of U.S. Tax Dollars Glorify Terrorism"

"U.S. State Dept. Funding Hamas Terrorists Through UNRWA"

"The Most Outrageous Financial Scandal in U.S. History"

"U.S. to Pledge $900 Million for Gaza Supporters of Hamas Terrorists"

World's Pathetic "Cease Fire" Hypocrisy

When have world leaders and their governments ever pushed for and sought a "cease fire" with Al-Qaeda?

Has anyone ever even heard of such a thing? No.

The attitude and position of the U.S., Britain, the EU and rest of the international community towards Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad should be no different than their attitude and position on Al-Qaeda:

Search out and kill their leaders and members where ever they are found, [the drone attacks against the savage jihadists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.], and utterly seek to destroy them completely.

But instead of doing everything they can to assist Israel as part of a global effort to defeat jihad terrorism, they pressure Israel to make appeasement cease-fire agreements.

Hypocrisy, plain and simple.

A poll taken shortly before this latest world-pressured cease-fire found that 70% of Israelis were in favor of continuing the counter-terror operation.

See also:

"They Won't Let Israel Win" by Riccardo Dugulin

The meat of the matter,-

["The question is then why with such an overwhelming force the Jewish State hasn’t been able in 60 years to deliver a bone-shattering blow to its lifelong enemies.

The reason is simple: the international community, represented by international organizations such as the UN, and major world and regional powers have done all their best not to let it totally defeat its foes on the battlefield. In fact, since 1948 all conflicts between Arab states and Israel, and Palestinian factions and Israel have been interrupted by ceasefires,..."]

- click link above to read it all.

When Will NATO Get Smart and Give Turkey the Boot?

The subject has already been covered before:

"NATO Needs to Give Turkey the Boot"

It was pointed out that as long as Turkey is a member, Islamists will have veto power over NATO.

For example, it was Turkey the lone member who stood in the way and blocked the nomination of Anders Fog Rasmussen as the new head of NATO, until appeasements were made thanks to Obama.

Now here's the latest via A7 News:

Turkey's PM Erdogan is falsely accusing Israel of ethnic genocide and saying Israel's counter-terror operation is not self-defense.

[" The United States criticized Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday, after he once again chose to attack Israel over its counter-terrorist operation in Gaza.

In his latest hateful remarks, Erdogan accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Gaza, saying the Jewish state's air raids could not be considered self-defense.

"Israel is committing ethnic cleansing by ignoring peace in this region and violating international law," Erdogan said, according to AFP. "It is occupying the Palestinian territory step by step."

He further claimed that Israeli air raids against Gaza could not be deemed self-defense, accusing Western countries of aiding what he called a "terrorist state" by condoning its violence in the Middle East."]

In actuality NATO should be conducting joint military exercises along side of Israel against the Jihad terrorist savages in Gaza, as part of a global effort to defeat Islamic terrorism.

Israel should be a member of NATO and not Turkey.

As far as savagery goes, Fox News is reporting that Hamas forced six men out of a van who they said were helping Israel with intel, made them lie face down in the street. Executed them gangland style and dragged one of the bodies through the street behind a motorcycle.


Britain's Leaders on the side of Hamas Savage Terrorists in Gaza

Instead of being a support to Israel in the war against jihad terrorism, the British leadership is taking the side of the terrorists:


["British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Israel against a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip, in an interview with Sky News.

“The prime minister [David Cameron] and I have both stressed to our Israeli counterparts, that a ground invasion of Gaza would lose Israel a lot of the international sympathy,” Hague said. “It is much more difficult to restrict and avoid civilians casualties during a ground invasion.”

Such a move would prolong the conflict and impact already existing tensions in the region, he added."]

Repugnant, absolutely repugnant!

After what they went through with German V-2 rockets and Luftwaffe bombs falling on their own country, one would think the British would be all too understanding of not only Israel's need to defend itself, but also go on the offensive to defeat those who are trying to destroy them.

It took a ground invasion to defeat the Nazi Germans. Fortunately for Britain they didn't have to fight that war by themselves. They had a lot of help!

The attitude of David Cameron and the rest of the UK leadership should be :

"What can we do to help you finally destroy and rid the world of these Islamist terrorist savages?"

As far as international sympathy is concerned, Israel never as any of that anyway.

What Israel needs to do is not pay any attention to what Cameron, Hague, or any other world leaders say, and just do what they need to do to win this war and protect their country and people.

The U.S. Election: Told You So!

March 24th blog post:

["A Vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Obama"

Don't want Obama re-elected? Then don't vote for Romney in the primaries!

If Romney wins, then Obama wins.]

Four years ago Joe Farah the founder of WND could not bring himself to support any of the GOP candidates for the nomination. Especially John McCain.

He ran a "none of the above" campaign from his WND website. Even sold "none of the above" bumper stickers from his WND on-line store.

But after Sarah Palin was introduced to us we were swept off our feet. Joe Farah included. He finally found someone he could support for president and vote for: Sarah Palin.

Farah made write in vote for Palin as McCain and Obama were both unacceptable.

The GOP establishment and their supporters need to learn a lesson:

"If you keep sticking us with unacceptable nominees then we will loose every time."

Romney was a divider, not a uniter. Palin was a uniter that the whole GOP base could rally behind.

Wish she had been the nominee.

Because of Sarah Palin, McCain did not get beat nearly as bad as he would've if Palin had'nt been on board as his VP.

Understand This: They're Not "Militants" but Terrorists! Got it?!

Unfortunately the folks at Fox News and other MS media are unwilling and too cowardly to speak the truth.

Referring to the genocidal Hamas Islamic terrorists as "militants" instead of as what they really are: Savage jihad "terrorists"!

An intro to an article on Fox reads "Gaza militants", not terrorists as it should.

The word "militants" conveys a level of legitimacy that Hamas and the other Islamic terrorists are not deserving of.