Hagel the Horrible:---Upchuck Chuck
14 0f 15 UNSC members Bow in Appeasement to the Ummah

Chinese Communist Military Dragon Rising; Helped by American "Corporate Greed"


"Chinese Expanding Military Ambitions Threaten Region"

Key excerpt:

["Military spending has outpaced strategy and the new status has given those in the armed forces a confidence that does not bode well for the region. Young officers have developed a swagger and an agitation for action, which Chang likens to the young Japanese officers of the 1930s.

“They have become dangerous, arrogant, and often bellicose,” he said, “they are spoiling for a fight.”]--read it all.

Listen Chinese expert Gordon Chang discuss this in detail on Secure Freedom Radio.

Chang does not mention or fault American "corporate greed" for this dangerous sitution, but it cannot be dismissed or denied.

To give a crystal clear example,--

our government maintains an economic trade embargo against Cuba. This embargo act was adapted and signed into law precisely because of a lack of democratic reform and the communist government's human rights abuses of their own people.

The Chinese communist regime has been guilty of far more of the same since its rise to power in the aftermath of WWII.

But there is not the same punitive trade embargo against China. Why?

Because of "corporate greed"

American business execs and their allies in the congress argued that bestowing the "Most Favored Nation" economic trade relation status to China would ultimately lead to an "opening up" of the communist regime and democratic reform.

That's how they sold it to the American people. But they were wrong!

How utterly insane is it?

We cannot buy an item on the shelf in American stores that is not marked "made in China". And at the same time we are helping to impower the communist red dragon's military with our purchases!

Its like helping to impower "jihad" and "islamization" against our country with every tank of gas.

[But Obama and the dhimmi dems won't let us drill!]

It still comes across as utterly repugnant how our ally Taiwan, [officially the Republic of China], was thrown under the bus during the Nixon Administration in order to establish diplomatic and economic relations with the mainland Chinese communists.

If America has a "credibility problem" in the world, that is the fault of both Democrats and Republicans.

Both have sought to serve their own interests, [financially], and the interests of "corporate greed".


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