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Stupid!!!: Republicans Block Hagel for the Wrong Reason

Upchuck Chuck Hagel was just barely blocked by Republican senators. The vote was 58-40. Hagel not getting the necessary 60 vote majority.

However, the stated reason by Republicans for blocking Hagel was because they wanted more questions answered by Obama on the Islamic terror attack against our embassy in Libya.

Wrong reason to block Hagel.

Republicans also offered that if they get their questions [important questions] answered regarding Libya, they would drop their opposition to Hagel.

Wrong thing to do.!

Hagel needs to be blocked from becoming Sect. of Defense because he would be bad for our military. And also because he is viciously anti-Israel. Despite his false rhetoric to the contrary.

Hagel needs to be blocked period. Whether Obama offers anymore info into the jihad attack against our Libya embassy or not!

Chuck Hagel lies about his foreign policy record. See here.


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