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[Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon]

According to the article written by Caroline Glick, this particular Israeli IDF general is bad for Israel and actually seems to be working against his own country.

Glick writes:

["Alon's strategy for dealing with the violence is not to do his job - deploy forces judiciously to defend the country and its citizens from our enemies.

His strategy is to pressure the government to surrender to all of the PLO's territorial and political demands."]

--read her full article here.

Caroline Glick echoes the same livid angry frustration with Alon expressed by many in Israel.

The Times of Israel gives this account of the reaction to statements made by Alon by MK Moti Yogev:

[“The political statements by the GOC Central Command are excessive and cross the line for a senior officer in the IDF. His role…  is to eliminate dangers, threats and terrorism, and to prepare military forces…” MK Moti Yogev is quoted as saying, adding that if Alon had a problem with that assignment he should “turn in his uniform and find work in the Israeli foreign service.”]

General Alon's job is to "eliminate dangers, threats, terrorism, and prepare military forces".

If he won't do that he should "turn in his uniform".

But according to these reports Alon seems to have very flawed ideas about how to support and protect his fellow citizens in Judea and Samaria.

Alon's statements have also been slammed by PM Netanyahu.


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