Freeing Terrorists Will Bring Peace?
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U.S. Sect. of State Kerry "Applauds" one of World's Worst Dictatorships

Saudi Arabia.

Still one of the world's worse violators of human rights and repressive Islamist dictotorships.

In addidition to spending $ billions of dollars to spread its Islamist Wahabbi doctrines around the world, the funding and building of mosques, [ where such Islamic indoctrination occurs], the Saudi govt. also employs a "Mutaween" [secret religious police] to arrest and persecute its own citizens.

From Eye on the UN:


["Saudi Arabia has made a huge contribution to the UN for - wait for it - countering terrorism. 100 million dollars will go to the so-called UN Centre on Counterterrorism. A reasonable question would be: a centre for countering what? Because the UN has no definition of terrorism.

In fact, the reason that the UN has no definition of terrorism is in no small measure due to Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom, along with the rest of the UN's Islamic states who are all parties to the Islamic Terrorism Convention - insists that murdering Israelis and Americans who get in the way of "self-determination" is not terrorism.

Now into this farcical mix steps John Kerry. Kerry has made an official statement "applauding" Saudi Arabia.

The Secretary profusely thanked the Saudis for their contribution to financing counter-terrorism - notwithstanding that through their hate-filled "educational" and "charitable" works around the world they do exactly the opposite.

Kerry was also happy that the money would "build support to implement the UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy." That strategy both fails to define terrorism, and is the UN's central instrument for turning poor-terrorists into victims.

Its section number one is entitled "Measures to address the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism." Among other things, the Strategy urges states to "recognize...that...youth unemployment, could reduce marginalization and the subsequent sense of victimization that propels extremism and the recruitment of terrorists."

Does it look like Al-Qaeda members are out of a job to you? So not only are the terror-supporting Saudis paying blood money to the UN for countering-terror, the Obama administration thinks that's great."]

The only difference between the Islamist government of Saudi Arabia and  Al-Qaeda is that Al-Qaeda seeks to re-establish the Islamic caliphate.
Which of course would mean the current Islamic monarchy dictatorships, such as the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan and the House of Saud in Arabia, would lose their place and power.

That's what the so-called "Arab Spring" is all about. Getting rid of the monarchial and other dictatorships to make way for a new Islamic caliphate.

But with respect to the Islamization of the entire world, there is no difference between them. Only the matter in which it is carried out.



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