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Recipients Of U.S. Tax Dollars Glorify Terrorism

Three Arab newspapers under the control of Palestinian Authority president  Mahmoud Abbas, are celebrating and glorifying the recent terrorist attacks against Israel in Dimona.

This is a staple of Palestinian society. Read this report from Palestinian Media Watch.

The newspapers referred to the terrorists as shahids, or martyrs.

While Abbas publically condemed the attacks, it is important to understand that these newspapers are under his control.They are paid employess of the Palestinian Authority. Foreign as well as U.S. tax dollars pay the salaries of PA employees.

In other words, U.S. financial aid, our tax dollars, are helping to fund this glorification of terror in the Palestinian Authority.

In this regard, Abbas follows the same tactic as his predicessor Yaser Arafat, who would often make public condemnations of acts of terror for the benifit of the Western press. While at the same time encouraging and financially compensating acts of terror.

While Abbas makes a "public" statement of condemnation, in actuallity he supports terrorism. Our U.S. tax dollars at work. This must stop!

Please take a few minutes to contact your congressional representative and demand a stop to all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. You can contact your representative here: contact your representative.

"Rather than further funding Palestinian bellicosity, Western states, starting with Israel, should cut off all funds to the Palestinian Authority."- Daniel Pipes


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