The Obama Deception Continues
Condi's Misplaced Zealotry

Condi's "Jihad" Against Israel: Best Diplomat The PLO Ever Had

320724844_4f23955009_m Condi Rice does a good job as Secretary of State--for the Fatah Palestinian Authority.

Condi is in Israel. And has just succeded in pressuring the weak Israeli government into making travel eaiser for terrorists.

Never mind the promotion of terrorism in official Palestinian Authority media, as well as the continued promotion of Holocaust denial, and the glorification of terrorists as heros by Abbas's PA media.

Never mind that the Palestinians danced in the streets and celebrated 9/11.

Never mind that the most recent polls show the vast majority of Palestinians prefer violence and terror to real peace.

Never mind that Abbas does not recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.

Never mind Abbas recently saying " Now we are opposed to armed conflict because we are unable. But in the future 'stages', things may be different. See the post Abbas Is Like Arafat-Makes Double Talk.

No, none of these things are an impediment to Condi Rice pressuring Israel to make more and more concessions to those who want Israel's destruction.

She is without doubt the best diplomat the Fatah PLO has ever had.

I would not blame Israelis if they thought Condi Rice was the real "Wicked Witch of the West". At some point in time it would not be surprising if a political tornado of some sort dropped a house on her.

Rice displayed the same type of diplomatic arrogance Mike Huckabee refered to in an article he wrote in "Foreign Affairs". Huck said the policies of the Administration had an arrogant bunker mentality. Rice just has an arrogant mentality:

"We will monitor exactly what the Israelis do and the purpose is to improve the Palestinian's freedom of movement," [ make travel eaiser for terrorists].

American special envoy General William Fraser, Rice explained, will be following Israel's implementation of the Road Map closely " and making sure the road blocks are indeed removed and that this has an impact on the Palestinian's freedom of movement.."

Rice went on to say," I expect this to happen very soon."-She "expects". In other words she is saying, "You better do this or I'm gonna be ticked."

She won't ever take that same atitude with Abbas. Guaranteed.

Gaffney was certainly right about Rice behaving like a zealot. This is Rice's second trip to Israel in three weeks. She has probably been there eight times or more this year. I take it a step further and say she behaves as a pro-islamic Palestinian zealot.

McCain was just there. Cheney was just there. President Bush was just there, and is expected there again in May. The Administration is really turning up the pressure on Israel to make concessions. While the Arabs and the PA led by Abbas have conceeded nothing.



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