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A Double Minded Foreign Policy

A double minded foreign policy is unstable in all it's ways.

Official U.S. policy prohibits trade with Communist Cuba.

Begining in 1962, the U.S. has conducted an economic trade embargo against Cuba. Thirty years later Congress adapted the Cuban Democracy Act. Line 6 of section 1703 of this act states:

"to maintain sanctions on the Castro regime so long as it continues to refuse to move towards democratization and greater respect for human rights."

The Communist regime in China continues to not move towards democratiztion or show respect for human rights.

However, official U.S. policy bestows permanent Most Favored Nation trade status to China. Despite it's ruthless oppression of human rights and pro-democracy movements. Who can forget Tiannamen Square?

The unstable consequence:

This policy has resulted in an average $ 200+ billion dollar trade deficit for the U.S. We have made China more powerful economically and militarily, without seeing a move towards democracy, or any significant improvement towards those inalienable rights for it's people. Our trade policy has helped make China's growing military a threat to the stability of the region as well as a threat to the U.S.

In response to 9/11, President Bush ordered Operation Enduring Freedom. The objectives were to bring down the Taliban, capture or kill those responsible for the terrorist attacks on our country, and prevent Afghanistan from being a future sanctuary for terrorists.

In addition, President Bush announced a "War On Terror". To that end the President said, " We will starve the terrorists." A reference to going after the funding of terrorist groups and organizations.

However, President Bush and Condoleezza Rice have been Rewarding Palestinian Terror via the Palestinian Authority to the tune of $ millions of U.S. tax dollars. In addition, their pushing for a Palestinian state, if not halted by more responsible leaders, will result in the creation of a terrorist state.

The unstable consequence:

While U.S. soldiers fight against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. tax dollars are helping to fund and promote terrorism via the Palestinian Authority.

We need a "single minded" policy on trade. And a "single minded" policy on fighting terror.

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