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Conservative Talk Radio Won't Touch This

After slamming Mike Huckabee as a tax hiker and not a fiscal conservative, it would seem that conservative talk radio would be beating the drum on a very important fiscal conservative scandal:

How our tax dollars are helping to fund and promote Islamic terrorism via the Palestinians. Why won't Sean Hannity talk about this? Why won't Laura Ingraham talk about this? Or the mighty Rush Limbaugh?

Why won't they talk about the $ millions of tax dollars that Condi Rice and President Bush are throwing down that financial sinkhole called the Palestinian Authority?

It is a double minded policy for our government to freeze the financial assets and go after the funding of some terrorists organizations, while actively funding others. He may where a suit and tie, but Mahmoud Abbas is a terrorist leader. And the goal of the PLO remains the annialation of Israel.

Another case in point, the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs [Passia], recieves U.S. taxpayer funding through USAID for it's Civil Society Empowerment program.

This program helps teach and train islamists in fundraising and lobbying.

Passia has been described by the Militant Islam Monitor as a terrorist front.

The top left front of Passia's website describes the establishment of Israel as a Nakba, meaning a catastrophy. Now, if they were all about wanting peace, they would not be dissemnating this kind of hate incitement.

But back to the main point, why won't conservative talk radio speak up on this? Ilegal immigration is an important national security issue. Talk radio has done a good job taking the Administration to task on this matter. Especially engaging their listeners to contact their Congressional representatives over the Senate amnesty bill the President was trying to push through. And that effort by talk radio was commendable.

But on the issue of $ millions of U.S. tax dollars promoting terrorism, via the Palis, they won't speak up to take the Administration to task.

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Good question? I fear the answer revolves around money and not our national security.

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