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It's Not All About The Deli Lama and Tibet

In regards to protests surrounding the Bejing Olympics, the MSM and Hollywood celebritys have focused on the Deli Lama and Tibet. While the persecution of Christians all over China is basically ignored.

Indeed, the minute I see a news report on TV of some protesters trying to grab hold of the torch, the reporter will always speak of the Deli Lama and the Tibet separatists.

A frontpage article today on China and the Olympics, in the Washington Times, made no mention whatsoever of the Communist governments persecution of Christians. While great attention was given to the Deli Lama and Tibet dissenters.

However, the persecution of Christians by the Communist regime in Bejing is unabated. Stacy Harp of the Persecution Blog reports about the recent arrest of seven Christian House church leaders in China.

A group from the Chinese government's Religious Affairs Burea apparently intruded upon a praise and worship service to make the arrests.

Christian Persecution In Athiest China:


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