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The Phased Plan: Another Name For The "Roadmap"

Bushabbas Frequent visitors to this blog will have taken note of how often I have referenced the PLO's grand master "Phased Plan" strategy to destroy Israel in phases, or stages.

There is a need to do this because the vast majority of the non-Arab Muslim world is completely unaware of the existence of the PLO's Phased Plan, even though it has been in existence since 1974.

To be sure the MSM has ignored it. Including Fox. There is no doubt that if a survey was conducted, at least 99 out of every 100 people will not have ever heard of it.

The Two-State non-Solution "Roadmap" plays right in to the Phased Plan strategy.

A synopsis of the Phased Plan in the words of PLO leaders:

Pay very close attention to the word- stages:

"According to the Phased Plan we will establish a Palestinian state on any part of Palestine that the enemy will retreat from. The Palestinian state will be a stage in our prolonged struggle for the liberation of all of Palestine."-Abu Iyad

"...At this stage we'll prevail in our struggle [towards] the goals of the stages [plan]. The goal of this stage is the establishment of the independent Palestinian state, with it's capital in Jerusalem. When we achieve this, it will be a positive [step] and it will advance us to the next stage via other ways and means...'Every Palestinian must know clearly and unequivocally that the independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as it's capital is not the end of the road'. The rise of the Palestinian State is a stage after which there will be another stage and that is the democratic state in all of Palestine [i.e. in place of Israel]."-Othnan Abu Arbiah, from Palestinian Media Watch

If you are in doubt as to whether or not the destruction of Israel continues to be the goal of Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO, read very carefully the following:

On Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2008, Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview with a Jordanian newspaper said this:

"Now we are opposed to armed struggle because we are unable. But in the future stages, things may be different."-Abbas

Only five days ago Abbas Zaki, the Palestinian Authority's representative in Lebanon, gave an interview to NBN TV and said this:

"The PLO is the sole legitimate representative [of the Palestinian people], and it has not changed it's platform even one iota. In light of the weakness of the Arab nation and the lack of values, and in light of the American control over the world, the PLO proceeds through phases , without changing it's strategy. Let me tell you, when the ideology of Israel collapses, and we take, at least Jerusalem, the Israeli ideology will collapse in it's entirety, and we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine."-Zaki

"...the PLO proceeds through phases, without changing it's strategy..."

Just this past December, Mahmoud Dahlan, a senior member of Fatah PLO, gave an interview to a Kuwaiti newspaper and said this:

"From a practical standpoint, there are no large differences between the two sides [ Fatah and Hamas]."-Dahlan    No kidding!

And this despite the propaganda peddled to the Western MSM by Abbas, Erekat, and other PLO leaders.

The establishment of a Palestinian State is the first major "stage" of the Phased Plan. This is the inherrent danger of the "Roadmap". This is why a Palestinian State must be opposed-at least anywhere from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean.


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