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An American University Has "Partnership" With Pro-Hamas University

20070318t164745z_01_jer28_rtridsp_3 At left, students at Al-Khalil Polytechnic University in Hevron, burn American and Israeli flags during a pro-Hamas rally.

American universities have partnerships with Middle Eastern universities on various programs. In some cases, unwise partnerships.

Many of these programs involve equipping students and faculty alike with high-tech skills and expertise in such areas as ICT [information and computer technology]. Computer engineering and internet science.

All the skills one needs to conduct "cyber" jihad. The Bank of Israel just recently had it's website hacked by Muslims.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has such a partnership with Al-Khalil Polytechnic University in Hevron:

"This program aims at teaching applied information technology to the science faculty involved with managing and improving water resources. The program provides opportunities for scientists to travel to University of Maryland Eastern Shore to learn about GIS technology and water quality, and visit water treatment facilities. Textbooks and laboratory materials were also provided by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore."

It should not have to be pointed out the risk the above program could potentially pose.

This same Al-Khalil Polytechnic University,[also known as Palestine Polytechnic University], just recently held their student elections. The students gave "The United Islamic Bloc",[ Hamas and Islamic Jihad], a sweeping victory.

Here are a few more on the list:

"Duke University has a partnership with Effat College in Saudi Arabia. This program offers a bachelor's of science degree in computer engineering. The program is designed to integrate hands-on experience into the curriculum."

"Microsoft also strongly recruits university students from overseas to work for their American offices. Microsoft looks for passionate college graduates with a computer science degree to relocate to Redmond,Washington and help build software products that are used worldwide. There are recruiters for Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon."

Student visas remain a valid concern as a means for jihadists to infiltrate America. Only about a week ago, new terrorism charges were made against two Egyptian students at the University of South Florida, who had been arrested.

Bottom line:

Some of our academic institutions are engaged in unwise "partnerships" that ironically may be equipping budding jihadists with the expertise and skills that can potentially be used against the U.S. or other Western nations.

The University of Southern Maryland Eastern Shore should terminate it's partnership with the pro-Hamas Al-Khalil Polytechnic University.

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