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Abbas, Like Arafat, Continues His Double Talk

Another bulldozer terror attack in Jerusalem.

The response from Abbas is par for his course:

He publically condems the terrorist attack, however:

He also is directly attempting to interfere with "counter-terrorism" efforts.

Abbas has said if Israel continues it's counter-terrorism operations he will pull PA "security forces" off the streets in Arab areas.

Now how's that for a man that has been touted as committed to fighting terrorism by Condi Rice?

Instead of applauding and assisting in counter-terrorism efforts, Abbas seeks to thwart Israel at every turn.

Despite more than a thousand rockets fired into Israel from Gaza and other terror attacks originating in Gaza, Abbas publically protested and condemed Israel's counter-terror operations there.

Thus, officially supporting the Hamas terrorists.

Abbas is like Arafat. It's all double talk.

Al-Aqsa terrorists providing security for Obama-Live leak

Nothing the Obama camp should worry about however, Islamic terrorists have already made known their support for Obama.


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