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Why Do These Islamists Want Obama To Be President?

Omeish Esam Omeish:

Head of the Muslim American Society. Which has historical ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. A recognized terrorist organization which spawned Hamas.

Omeish is a Supporter and financial donor to the Obama campaign.

Last September Omeish tendered his resignation from the Va. Commision on Immigration, a position that Governor Tim Kaine had appointed him to, amidst a media firestorm over videos in which he was seen making radical statements about "jihad".

The first video below contains those statements pertaining to "jihad" as well as other radical statements denouncing Israel's counter-terrorism operations.

This is followed by another video uploaded to youtube by the Muslim American Society itself,[MAS] ,in which Mahdi Bray, a director with MAS, introduces and defends Omeish who is seated next to him. Afterwards , Omeish speaks himself in an effort at "damage control". The problem with all of this comes in the third video featured.

In the third video featured, Mahdi Bray is seen with other Islamists proudly displaying his support of Hamas and Hizbullah.

Mahdi Bray boasted about the efforts of MAS to garner votes for liberal democrats:

"Ask Jim Webb what kind of impact we have. Ask the governor of Virginia what kind of impact we have," Mahdi Bray, the Muslim American Society's executive director told The Washington Times.

Last April Obama recieved the endorsement of a top Hamas leader named Ahmed Yousef, who said, "We like Mr. Obama and hope that he will win the election. That is in the fourth video.

In the last video, you will see young Islamists in Gaza, working a "phone bank" on Obama's behalf from Gaza.

Why? Why do these men and other Islamists  support Obama and other liberal democrats?

It is because these radical Islamists believe that if Obama and other democrats are elected, that will mean a more "appeasement" minded foreign and domestic policy ,which they see as a help to the global "jihad."

They are also convinced that a McCain Administration will be more aggressive in the fight against militant Islam and more supportive of Israel. Any radical Islamists voiced support for McCain yet?

Update: 10/12/08- On Sept. 15th, the Obama Campaign's Muslim outreach director met with a small group of Muslim leaders at a hotel in Springfield, Va. The meeting included Mahdi Bray. Also in attendance were Nihad Awad, director of the unindicted co-conspirator C.A.I.R. And Mazen Ashabi, the former Obama Campaign Muslim outreach director, who resigned after his ties to Islamists linked to raising funds for Hamas were revealed.

 First video: Esam Omeish

Mahdi Bray and Esam Omeish:

Mahdi Bray shows his support for Hizbullah and Hamas:

Hamas leader endorses Obama:

Gazan Islamists working for Obama:


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