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Oil, Israel, and U.S. Policy

That Arab Muslim governments have used oil as a political weapon is a matter of historical fact.

There was the 1973 Arab oil embargo.

In 1980 Israel formally designated a reclaimed Jerusalem as it's undivided capital, after nearly 2000 years of foreign "occupation".

Arabs Immediately threatened to withhold oil from any nation that maintained an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem, or recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The UN reacted in typical anti-Israel fashion, the U.S. even voting for the UN Resolution denouncing Israels designation of Jerusalem as it's capital.

What did the international community do? It bowed. The U.S. included.

Consequently, nations that did maintain an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem, withdrew and relocated to Tel-Aviv in appeasement fashion.

The International Christian Embassy to Jerusalem [ICEJ], came into being as a direct result of this. To show support and be in solidarity with the people of Israel. You can read the rest of that story here.

Until recently, only two nations did have their embassies located in Jerusalem, Costa Rica, and El-Salvador. They too bowed to Arab pressure in exchange for economic cooperation.

In 1995 Congress adapted the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act. It called for relocating our embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. It further stipulated that Jerusalem should remain undivided.

Unfortunately, the bill also contained a "National Security Waiver", whereby if the President chose, he could exercise this waiver and not impliment the provisions concerning Jerusalem contained in the bill. By law, the President must sign off on this waiver every six months, or else comply.

In 2000, George W. Bush paid lip service to support Israel, saying if he were elected he would move the embassy to Jerusalem. A move that if he had kept his word on, would have greatly "bolstered and strengthened" our ally Israel politically.

Since the adaption of the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act by Congress in 1995, both President Clinton and President Bush have failed to impliment it. Using the "waiver" as a loophole to avoid compliance.

Their reasons I would speculate have to do with the continued supply of oil from Arab Muslim countries. At least a big part of it. There are certainly other "appeasement" reasons.

As reported by WND, Sect. Rice was in Israel pressuring them to split apart their capital of Jerusalem in the false delusion of "Roadmap" appeasement.

Incidentally, powerful storms formed in the Atlantic. First Gustav, followed by Hannah and Ike. Gustav forced oil production to temporarily shut down in the Gulf. Ike is now a monster hurricane and also threatens not only residential areas along the coast but oil rigs as well.

Is God sending America a warning?

In an article entitled "Katrina: Mother Nature Or The Wrath of God", a pastor writes the following:

"Make no mistake about it – God has chosen the nation of Israel as His people. Whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not – God’s hand, both for His pleasure and His purpose, rests on the small nation of Israel."

This does not mean that the Israeli government is perfect. It isn't. It also does not mean that we should agree with every decision their government makes. And I don't. Case in point, - the irresponsible release of hundreds of terrorists with blood on their hands, as goodwill jestures. Such appeasement will only embolden and encourage more terrorism.

My point is that from the perspective of America's national security, could it be that appeasement policies for the sake of Arab oil, at Israel's exspense, actually be responsible for causing us oil problems?

Katrina wreeked havoc on oil production in the Gulf.

Consider this:

From August 16th-22nd 2005, thousands of Israelis were forcibly uprooted and expelled from their homes and land in Gaza and northern Samaria in large part because of American pressure with the "Roadmap."

Seven days later on August 29th 2005, tens of thousands of Americans were uprooted and expelled from their homes and land by an Act of God called Katrina. Coincidence?

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