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U.S. Military Aid To Lebanon: Even While Hizbullah Has "Veto Power"

U.S. military aid arrives in Lebanon as part of $400 million package deal:

"The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) on Monday received a shipment of American military vehicles as part of an aid package agreed upon between the two countries following a 10-day visit to Washington last month by Lebanese Army Commander Jean Kahwaji, The Daily Star Lebanon reported."

"The paper reported LAF would also recieve the small, unmanned Raven aircraft system to help the army boost border control and fight terrorism."

The part about helping the Lebanese Army with border control, and fighting terrorism, Well--, they can't, and they won't fight Hizbullah.

The LAF certainly didn't fight the Hizbullah terrorists in 2006. Not even to try and prevent Hizbullah from using human shields in civilian areas from where they launched their Kaytusha rockets from.

Meanwhile Hizbullah continues to have veto power over major political decisions as part of an agreement, in exchange for pulling their terrorist goons off the Beirut streets:

"Securing a veto 'was Hezbollah's main victory', said Amal Saad Ghorayeb, author of Hizbullah: Politics and Religion, a history of the Shiite Muslim movement. 'The United States will not be very happy about that.' The government, [Lebanese], will be unable to disarm Hizbullah..."

Not only is the Lebanese government incapable of disarming Hizbullah, after the Lebanese elections scheduled for June '09, Hizbullah may very well be the Lebanese government. 

Iran, Hizbullah, Set To Buy Lebanon Elections:-Newsmax

"Flush with a huge injection of fresh cash from its Iranian backers, and with its weapons stockpiles replenished many times over since the 2006 war, Hezbollah seems poised to win — or buy — the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon this June, many Lebanese fear. "

"Western diplomats share those concerns".

"Iran and a number of other countries are helping to bankroll their friends' campaigns and, in some cases, are engaged in outright vote buying. We're watching things carefully, with a particular close eye on Hezbollah and Iran," one senior diplomat tells Newsmax.

"Sources in Lebanon say that Iran in recent months has smuggled in large amounts of cash to Hezbollah-upwards of $ 1 billion-in order to buy the election."

And what will become of that U.S. military aid? One guess.

Lebanon is scheduled to have elections in June.

The Lesson of Lebanon Lost, Once Free and Prosperous [and 54% Christian]-Eurabia Next?-Aaron Kolom

Formerly Christian Lebanon-via Gates of Vienna

Richard Jansen writes:

"Lebanon is now a predominately Muslim country. However, this wasn’t by any means always the case. Until relatively recently Lebanon was primarily a Christian country in an Islamic world." -visit the link above to Gates of Vienna for the complete article.




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