MSM Missing Headline: Fatah Still Refuses To Recognize Israel
U.S. Military Aid To Lebanon: Even While Hizbullah Has "Veto Power"

Media Blackout

This news item should be front and center on all major news sites:

Western Funders Misled: Fatah Still Refuses To Recognize Israel, PA's "recognition" only to recieve international aid"

As of today, this report has been totally ignored by all major news sites.

Why this is important:

It pulls the mask off of the myth of "moderate" Fatah.

The public has constantly been told by the MSM, diplomats, and politicians that "Fatah" ,which runs the Palestinian Authority, is not like Hamas or Hizbullah. They are supposedly the "moderates" who want peace.

That is complete media distortion.

Listen to Fatah's leaders in their own words:


We need to think back only to the days of Yassar Arafat. At times it seemed Abbas and Arafat were at odds, that gave the West and Israel hope, but the reality was that Abbas was simply a cover for Arafat. He presented a more familiar face to the West - no headrag, always wore a suit, always said the right thing, but then would NEVER perform on those words.

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