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The Islamic Conquest, Occupation, and Colonization of The Middle East

Islam began in the 7th century AD. in what is today Saudi Arabia.

During the nearly 1400 years since that time, Islamic campaigns of military conquest, occupation, and colonization of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia occurred. 

This is principally how Islam was spread throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans:

Imperialistic campaigns of military conquest.

Occupation and colonization of conquered territory and countries.

The subjigation of people under Islamic "occupation":

In Nazi occupied Europe in World War II, Jews were forcibly made to distinguish themselves from the rest of the population with a cloth patch sewn on their clothing. Usually yellow with a Star of David on it.

However, this dispicable humiliation under occupation did not originate with the Nazis. It was first used to distinguish both Christians and Jews under Islamic occupation. Christians and Jews who were not killed resisting  were subjected to "dhimmi" status.

"Perhaps the clearest outward manifestations of the inferiority and humiliation of the dhimmis were the prohibitions regarding their dress "codes" and the demands that distinguishing signs be placed on the entrances of dhimmi houses. During the Abbasid caliphates of Harun al-Rashid [785-809] and al-Multawwakil [ 847-861], Jews and Christians were required to wear yellow [ as patches to their garments or hats]. Later, to differentiate further between Christians and Jews, the Christians were required to wear blue."

"In 850, consistent with Qur'anic verses that associated them with Satan and hell, al-Muutawwakil decreed that Jews and Christians attach wooden images of devils to the doors of their homes to distinguish them from the homes of Muslims."-  The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims.", by Dr. Andrew Bostom, 2005, p. 47-48.

Occupation and colonization.

It is the reason for the Arab Muslim population in parts of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza today. Many are descendents of those who took part in the invasions, occupation, and Islamic colonization in the 7th century and beyond.

In other words, the presence of Arab Muslim communities in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Jerusalem today, is the result of  illegal Arab Muslim "colonization."  

"The four centuries of ceaseless warfare between the Byzantine [ Eastern-Roman] Empire and the Sassanid Persian Empire in the 6th and 7th centuries had weakened both empires. It was at this unfortunate juncture that the Muslim Arabs pounced on both empires in the fourth decade of the 7th century [ 641.]. After their conquest of the Byzantine provinces of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine [ today's Israel], they invaded Egypt in 641. ---History of Jihad.

Be sure to visit the above link "History of Jihad". You can read about the Imperialistic campaigns of Islamic invasions of the individual countries of Europe, the Middle East, and north Africa. 

Before the Islamic invasion, the population of Egypt was nearly 100% Christian Copts.

And from 641 to 1798, for over a thousand years, the Christians of Egypt were subjected to "dhimmi" status under Islamic occupation.

Persecutions, forced conversions, pograms, unfair discrimination under "dhimmi" status, have resulted in a minority population of Christian Copts in Egypt today. 

Before Netanyahu signed the Wye River agreement with Yaser Arafat in 1998, Bethlehem was 80-90%  Christian. Today, that is no longer the case. Persecutions, intimidation, and discrimination have caused many Christians to leave Bethlehem, resulting in a minority Christian population.

A local Christian made these remarks to WND's Aaron Klein in 2005:

"You want to know what is at play here, just come throughout the year and see the intimidation from the Muslims. They have burned our stores, built mosques in front of our churches, stole our real estate and took away our rights. Women have been raped and abducted. So don't tell me about Israel. It's the Muslims."

The above experience of Bethlehem's Christians is the same in every country today where there is a majority Muslim population. In Saudi Arabia, where Islam began in the 7th century, non-Muslims have virtually no rights at all. In countries dominated by Muslims today, as the result of  Islamic conquest and occupations, many employ secret "religious police". 

"1400 Years of Christian / Islamic Struggle: An Analysis" by Richard C. Csaplar Jr., - be sure to read the entire article in which Mr. Csaplar corrects a lot of distortions in a U.S. News article he describes as "clearly false".

The following is a short excerpt:

"Let us review the Muslim conquest. In 624, Mohammed led a raid for booty and plunder against a Meccan caravan, killing 70 Meccans for mere material gain. Between 630 A.D. and the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D., Muslims -- on at least one occasion led by Mohammed -- had conquered the bulk of western Arabia and southern Palestine through approximately a dozen separate invasions and bloody conquests. These conquests were in large part "Holy wars," putting the lie to another statement in the U.S. News article that proclaimed the Crusades "The First Holy War," as if the Christians had invented the concept of a holy war. After Mohammed's death in 632, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, launched Islam into almost 1,500 years of continual imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest and subjugation of others through invasion and war, a role Islam continues to this very day."

"You will note the string of adjectives and may have some objection to my using them. They are used because they are the absolute truth. Anyone denying them is a victim of PC thinking, ignorant of history, or lying to protect Islam. Let us take each word separately before we proceed further in our true history of the relationship between the Christian west and the Islamic east. "


The Muslim wars of imperialist conquest have been launched for almost 1,500 years against hundreds of nations, over millions of square miles (significantly larger than the British Empire at its peak). The lust for Muslim imperialist conquest stretched from southern France to the Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, and from central Asia to New Guinea. This is the classic definition of imperialism -- "the policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker countries."


"The Muslim goal was to have a central government, first at Damascus, and then at Baghdad -- later at Cairo, Istanbul, or other imperial centers. The local governors, judges, and other rulers were appointed by the central imperial authorities for far off colonies. Islamic law was introduced as the senior law, whether or not wanted by the local people. Arabic was introduced as the rulers' language, and the local language frequently disappeared. Two classes of residents were established. The native residents paid a tax that their colonialist rulers did not have to pay."

Although the law differed in different places, the following are examples of colonialist laws to which colonized Christians and Jews were made subject to over the years:

  • Christians and Jews could not bear arms -- Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews could not ride horses -- Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews had to get permission to build -- Muslims did not;
  • Christians and Jews had to pay certain taxes which Muslims did not;
  • Christians could not proselytize -- Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews had to bow to their Muslim masters when they paid their taxes; and
  • Christians and Jews had to live under the law set forth in the Koran, not under either their own religious or secular law.

In each case, these laws allowed the local conquered people less freedom than was allowed the conquering colonialist rulers. Even non-Arab Muslim inhabitants of the conquered lands became second class citizens behind the ruling Arabs. This is the classic definition of colonialist -- "a group of people who settle in a distant territory from the state having jurisdiction or control over it and who remain under the political jurisdiction of their native land."






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