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U.S. Transfers $200 Million In Violation of Anti-Terrorism Act

The Obama Administration has transfered $200 million directly to the Fatah PA in violation of the criteria of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006. 

 The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 has very specific criteria that the Palestinian Authority must be in compliance with in order to recieve any U.S. funding.

 Section 620K contains the following criteria:

The President must certify to Congress that


      `(1) no ministry, agency, or instrumentality of the Palestinian Authority is controlled by a foreign terrorist organization and no member of a foreign terrorist organization serves in a senior policy making position in a ministry, agency, or instrumentality of the Palestinian Authority;



      `(2) the Palestinian Authority has--



        `(A) publicly acknowledged Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state; and



        `(B) recommitted itself and is adhering to all previous agreements and understandings by the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority with the Government of the United States, the Government of Israel, and the international community, including agreements and understandings pursuant to the Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (commonly referred to as the `Roadmap'); and



      `(3) the Palestinian Authority has taken effective steps and made demonstrable progress toward--



        `(A) completing the process of purging from its security services individuals with ties to terrorism;



        `(B) dismantling all terrorist infrastructure, confiscating unauthorized weapons, arresting and bringing terrorists to justice, destroying unauthorized arms factories, thwarting and preempting terrorist attacks, and fully cooperating with Israel's security services;



        `(C) halting all anti-Israel incitement in Palestinian Authority-controlled electronic and print media and in schools, mosques, and other institutions it controls, and replacing these materials, including textbooks, with materials that promote tolerance, peace, and coexistence with Israel;









Under 620K 2 [A] above -

the Palestinian Authority must publically acknowledge  Israel's right to exist as the Jewish state.

 A requirement of the Palestinian Anti-terrorism Act which Mahmoud Abbas and the PA publically refuse to do.

That alone makes the Fatah PA ineligible for U.S. funding.

The U.S. State Dept. and the Obama Administration have consistently stated that Hamas must recognize Israel. While they ignore the fact that Abbas and the Fatah run Palestinian Authority still do not recognize Israel.

This was recently confirmed by Muhammed Dahlan, a top officer in the Fatah PA:

Fatah has never recognized Israel.

Under Section 620K 3 [b] above -

The Palestinian Authority has never dismantled or disarmed the Al-Aqsa Martrys Brigades which serves as the military wing of Fatah and is on the State Dept. list of recognized terrorist organizations.

From Ynetnews:

"Terrorists associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party who have been firing rockets from the Gaza Strip into nearby Jewish towns are loyal to Abbas and commit their attacks in accordance with Fatah, the northern Gaza leader of Fatah's declared "military wing" told WND in an interview."

Under Section 620K 3 [C] above-

 anti-Israel incitement in "official" Palestinian Authority controlled media is a regular occurance with the consent of the PA leadership. And this is not to mention schoolbooks and incitement preached from mosques by "paid" Palestinian employees.

Under Section 620K 3 [A] above-

no members of a recognized terrorist organization are to serve in the security services of the Palestinian Authority.

Yet members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades openly serve in the Preventive and Executive security forces of Mahmoud Abbas according to a report by Aaron Klein of WND.

However there is an unfortunate "loophole" also contained in the text of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006.

That loophole is the provision of a "National Security Waiver". What this means is that the President has the option to "waive" adherence to criteria in the law, such as the criteria noted above, if he deems it a matter of national security, or in the national interest to do so.

Unfortunately the inclusion of the "National Security Waiver" has often been abused as a legal loophole by Presidents, to avoid compliance with legislation adapted by Congress. 

 See a previous post on that subject matter entitled "The Abuse of the National Security Waiver by Presidents."









perhaps you did not know that the act never became law....

Wrong, became law 12/21/06:
Presented to President.
Signed by President.
Became Public Law No: 109-446.

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