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Philippine Islamists Using the PLO Abbas / Arafat Game-Plan

In the previous post the dots were connected between the Arab League's creation of the PLO, "Palestine Liberation Organization" in 1964, and the founding of the MNLF, Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines.


A Filipino Islamist, Salamat Hashim, spent several years living in Egypt between 1959-69. He was very politically active at Cairo's Al-Azhar Islamic university. And so was blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who masterminded the first WTC bombing in 1993. This was also the same Islamic school Obama made his speech from to the Muslim world.

[Read the interview with this terrorist here.] 

At the time the Arab League headquarters were based in Cairo, Egypt. 

Prior to the Arab League creation of the PLO in 1964, the Nazi Islamist Mufti, Hajj Amin al-Husseinei , who fled to Egypt after Nazi Gemany's defeat, was instrumental in creating the "Arab Liberation Army". The forerunner of what would be scores of Islamic jihad terror organizations incorporating the word "Liberation" into their terror groups official name. Part of the propaganda. And no doubt a major influence on the Filipino Islamist, Salamat Hashim.

Arafat was a great admirer of the Nazi Mufti.

In 1969 Salamat Hashim returned to the Philippines to organize and launch his "jihad in the way of Allah" terror group the MNLF. That same year Arafat became head of the PLO.

There is no doubt that Islamic political and religious ideology centered in Cairo, Egypt played a major influence in the founding of both jihad terrorist organizations.

Salamat Hashim would later break from the MNLF to form another jihad group called the MILF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front. 

In 1974, at a meeting in Cairo, the PLO adapted it's "Phased Plan" strategy for the destruction of Israel and replacing it with "Palestine". It remains their playbook and terrorist game-plan:

This terrorist game-plan involves using political negoitiations [a "peace process"] and propaganda as tactics, to gain territorial concessions and international legitimacy, while continuing, but not acknowledging the use of terrorism.

And while not abandonong their ultimate jihadist objective of a complete Islamist takeover. 

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, MILF, in the Philippines, is using this same terrorist game-plan:

Engaging in political negotiations [peace talks] and propaganda as tactics to gain international legitimacy and territorial concessions, while continuing, but not acknowledging, the use of jihad terrorism:

Not long after Arafat recieved his Nobel "Peace" award, the IDF recovered documents in Arafat's own handwriting, allocating financial awards to Fatah Islamists who had carried out terror attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.

Arafat was famous for making public statements condeming terror,

[expected by the international community--he wanted that 'aid money'], while plotting terror in secret.

Abbas, succeeding Arafat to the head of the PLO and Fatah run PA, has continued this same double-speak and game-plan.

Recently an Irish priest was abducted by Islamists in the Philippines. This has been a terror tactic by Filipino Islamic terror groups. Ransom money the terror groups recieve in exchange for release of hostages, helps finance their jihad.

We are joyful that he has been released unharmed. The government of the Philippines has suspected that MILF was involved in the abduction. Publically, the MILF denies it.

Is it just coincidence that the Irish priest was released just prior to Clinton's visit?

The Irish priest was "found" and returned safely by MILF members. But as this report from Philippine news points out, the MILF won't say anything about "who" the abductors were.

Also to be noted, is that serveral abduction hostages in the past have been released, coincidentally with the visit of some international official:

"The MILF refused to discuss who Sinnott’s abductors were, and insisted that their “help" in securing the priest’s release was for humanitarian reasons."

“The MILF did help for humanitarian reason and as a government partner in the peace process in Mindanao," MILF vice chairman for political affairs Ghadzali Jaafar said on Church-run dzRV Radio Veritas."

"Jaafar refused to comment when asked what group was behind Sinnott’s abduction."

"Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno earlier claimed that the MILF was behind the abduction. Armed Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. also said the government still suspects the MILF was behind Sinnott's abduction. “Ang paniniwala namin ay MILF (We believe it was the MILF)," he said in an interview on dzBB radio."

Meanwhile Obama is supposed to meet with Philippine President Arroyo at the Asia/Pacific Economic Summit in Singapore:

"President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is expected to bring to US President Barack Obama's attention the peace process between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) when they meet in Singapore next week."

"Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar on Sunday said the one-on-one meeting could happen at the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Singapore on Nov. 14 and 15."

Like Obama's "sideline meeting" at the UN between Israeli Pime Minister Netanyahu and the PLO's Abbas?





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