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Poison Why not?

The arguments presented in favor of the law that now bans smoking in all bars and restaurants in Va. was that smoking poses a serious health danger to the public.

Separate designated non-smoking areas wasn't sufficient the proponents argued, because second-hand smoke also poses a danger.

As it stands now, the only bars or restaurants in Va. that can legally accommodate patrons who wish to smoke are those that have totally closed-off, separate areas, with there own ventilation system. Or, if they are private and not open to the general public. 

Can the case be made that the consumption of alcoholic beverages also poses a serious health danger to the public? That's a no-brainer.

For those who supported the anti-smoking ban in Va, or currently support such legislation in other states citing a "serious health danger" to the public, if you would not also support a ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants as a "serious health danger" to the public, there is only one word for that--hypocrisy.  

Does the consumption of alcoholic bevarages in bars and restaurants pose a "serious health danger" to the public?

Again, that's a no-brainer.

"More Alcohol Sales Sites Mean More Neighborhood Violence"-Science Daily.

Bars and Violence:

"The link between bars and violence has been recognized over time and across cultures-the classic 'bar room brawl' is commonly depicted in popular culture, and all too often we hear about people being injured, killed, or sexually assaulted in relation to licensed establishments..." read it all

From the Marin Institute:

"Alcohol availability is closely related to violent assaults. Communities and neighborhoods that have more bars and liquor stores per capita experience more assaults." read the full report.

Every year more than 11,000 Americans are killed in motor vehicle accidents as a direct result of the consumption of alcholic bevarages.

More Americans get killed every year from "al-cohol" than by "al-qaeda" .

Aside from the victims of drunk drivers, there are also many victims of alcohol-related violence.


Over 50% of homicides in America are alcohol-related.

At least 40% of violent assaults in America are alcohol-related.

80 % of teen suicide is alcohol-related.

Alcoholic beverages are the # 1 drug in America. 

Yet the breweries, distilleries, and wineries in America deliberately keep marketing their liquid poison..

The most recent stats found at the CDC's Fastats page were for 2006. In that year there were more than 18,500 homicides in America.

Which means that alcohol-related homicides, according to statistics cited above, accounted for at least half that number. Which does not include alcohol-related suicides.

So far this post has only cited alcohol-related deaths from drunk drivers, homicide, violent assaults, and teen suicide. This does not include the number of deaths due to "alcoholism" and it's harmful effects on the body. 

From the CDC:

Number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 13,050

Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 22,073

From what can be gathered thus far, more than 50,000 Americans die each year due directly to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

The producers of alcoholic beverages should be subject to "wrongful death" lawsuits in regards to drunk-driving victims. Victims of alcohol-related crime, and such.

There should be a law in place wherin a police officer investigating an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident, should not only determine if alcohol was a factor, but also what the brand-name of the particular alcoholic beverage was. And the maker of the particular brand held accountable.

Year after year, despite the addictions, loss of life, injury, the producers of alcoholic beverages deliberately market products "they know" will be responsible for death and injury to countless Americans. 

And in the view of this blogger, that makes them liable.

The same with respect to alcoholic-related crimes. The investigating officers should make an effort to determine the brand-name.



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