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Presbyterian Church USA- Misrepresenting Christian Values: Update

Presbyterian USA : Misrepresenting Christian Values

Ryan Jones, who now writes for Israel Today, wrote an excellent article he posted on his old website Zionist.com back in August 2007 entitled:

"Misrepresenting Christian Values"-here is a little of what he wrote:

"The peripheral left-wing Christian group Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is calling on American Christians to reclaim what it calls “Christian values” by siding with its un-biblical policy of pressuring the US government to more rapidly implement the division of the Land of Israel. "

"Ignoring polls that show the vast majority of Americans side with the Christian Zionist view that a Palestinian state should not be created on Israel’s ancient heartland, CMEP claims to represent the sensibilities of mainstream Christianity in America.--read the full article here."

CMEP is far from representing mainstream Christianity, or Biblical Christianity, to be more accurate.

CMEP has been written about on this blog more than once. See here, here, and here. 

And the Presbyterian USA denomination is one of their board members.

As well as the United Church of Christ, the denomination of Obama's former church in Chicago, the Trinity UCC which had no problem publishing a Hamas manifesto in their bulletin.

Then there is the Mennonite Central Committee and the American Friends Service, who sponsored and invited Iran's Ahmadinejad for talks and dinner. Both radically liberal and anti-Israel. Also members of CMEP.

The Presbyterian USA , a board member with CMEP is also misrepresenting Christian values.

In the article below from Jpost, my comments are [within brackets].

From Jpost--Presbyterians Pushing To Demonize Israel:

"You probably don’t remember but before June 1967 there was peace in the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. There were no fedayeen, no terror attacks, no PLO. "

[Totally false]

[The PLO was created not by so-called Palestinians, but by the Arab League in 1964 three years before the Six Day War. A forerunner of the PLO was the Arab Liberation Army. The Nazi Mufti Husseini was instrumental.]

[The report is also highly incorrect when it says there were no terrorist attacks on Israelis before 1967. See a long list of Islamic terror attacks on Israeli civilians before 1967 here.]

"Only after it was “colonized in the 20th century” by Jewish immigrants from Europe who took “the land of Palestine from a majority of its inhabitants at gunpoint” did things go sour."

[Totally false. This is turning history upside down on its head to promote a falsehood.]

[It was the Arab Muslims who invaded, occupied, and colonized the Middle East and northern Africa in the 7th century. It is the Muslims who are the "occupiers" and "colonizers". See my posts here and here.] 

"First came the Nakba, the catastrophe that was the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, followed 19 years later by the “illegal” occupation of the West Bank and Gaza."

"That's the view the Presbyterian Church USA [PCUSA] will be asked to endorse next month when it meets in Minneapolis to consider a report by it's Middle East study committee."

[And it's a totally wrong and false view to have]

"Peace could again prevail over the land if the Israelis  would only withdraw from all the lands occupied in 1967."

[Totally false-- that's the lie the anti-Israel folks keep pushing, because they want to see Israel reduced back to indefensible borders.]

[Israel was forced to fight a war of self-defense, and in the process recovered land that belongs to Israel, but had been under foreign occupation "before" June '67]

[ Peace could prevail if only Israel gave away their land God brought them back to, and gave the land to Muslims who do not worship the God of Israel, and revile his people with slander?]

To that end, the report calls for the U.S. to halt all military and economic assistence for Israel."

[On the contrary, the U.S. should cut off all taxpayer funding to the PLO Fatah Authority and stop selling high-tech weapons to Islamist countries who don't recognize the right of our ally Israel to exist.]

[This Presbyterian report is so full of lies and distortion of history it could not have been prepared by genuine born-again, Bible believing, informed Christians]

Why not let the headquarters of the PCUSA know what you think, here is their contact info:

Office of the General Assembly
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1396
(888) 728-7228
(502) 569-5000
Fax: (502) 569-8005

See also an article by Joseph Farah, founder of WorldNetdaily-

"Phony Ignorant Christians":

"Paul warned us about times like this and the way people – including those claiming to be professing Christians – would act. " read the rest here.

"Methodists set to clash with Jewish community in UK"-Jpost 

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