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Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Buyer Use Caution!

Have you heard:

BYU Professor Named Editor of New Edition of Hebrew Old Testament.

Was immediately alarmed when this was read.

This is something that has gone totally under the radar. It is not being widely discussed.

The translation of Hebrew Scriptures in most Bibles is based on the Masoretic Text. For years Bible teachers and students have made use of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia for study of the Hebrew Text. The BHS has also been referenced for new editions of the Holy Bible.

It is therefore alarming that the United Bible Society would invite a BYU Mormon faculty member to work as an "editor" on the new "Biblia Hebraica Quinta".

In addition, another "editor" working on the new Hebrew Bible edition is of the Presbyterian Church USA, a professor with the liberal Union Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

Presbyterians Pushing to demonise Israel-Jpost.

Of course the danger in a Presbyterian USA professor being one of the editors of the new Biblia Hebraica Quinta , is how such things as replacement theology, and liberal views may "inform" their editorial decision making.

The Speakers Bureau of the UTSTC features speakers representing church denominations that are among the radical religious left in America. Including the very liberal UCC [United Church of Christ], the denomination that Obama's former church is a member of.

Incidentally, the Presbyterian USA members are beginning their convention in Minneanapolis this weekend and will vote on whether they will adapt the recommendations set forth in that biased, unfactual, and anti-Israel Middle East study report.

Donald W. Parry is one of the two "editors" tasked by the United Bible Society and the German Bible Society to work on Isaiah for the new Biblia Hebraica Quinta.

Of course the concern here is how Parry's Mormonist indoctrination may "inform" his editorial decisions with regards to the Hebrew Text,--that scores of future Bibles published,--may be based on. [Biblia Hebraica Quinta].

Mormonism is famous for intertwinning un-Biblical Mormon "scripture" with true "Biblical Scripture". For example how Isaiah is cross referenced with "Mormon" scriptures , teachings, and misinterpreted.

An article entitled "Isaiah In The Book of Mormon", written by a Mormon, helps give some insight as to Dr. Parry's view of interpreting Isaiah. Here's a brief excerpt from the introduction:

"Isaiah's wife is called 'prophetess' in Isaiah's record [8:3], suggesting that she too had the gift of revelation."

"Isaiah and his wife had at least two sons who served as signs to Israel, as did Isaiah and his wife themselves. 'Behold I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts' [8:19]..."

"Isaiah stood as a type of God the Father; the prophetess was a type of Mary, the mother of Christ; and one of their sons was a type of Jesus Christ"

That last statement of Parry's above, seems to echo official Mormon doctrine that God [the Father], had physical relations with the virgin Mary, giving birth to Jesus in Bethlehem.

Yes, you read that correctlty.

From What the Mormon Missionaries Won't Tell You:

"They will be reluctant to tell you that Mormon leaders have taught that Jesus was concieved by way of a sexual relationship between God and Mary."

'... how are children begotten? I answer just as Jesus Christ was begotten of his father. The difference between Jesus Christ and other men is this: Our fathers in the flesh are mortal men, who are subject unto death: but the Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh is the God of Heaven'-[Joeseph F. Smith, Family Home Evening Manual, 1972, pg. 125]

What makes Mormonism such a "spiritualy dangerous " counterfeit Christian cult religion,- is it's use of familiar sounding Christian words, phrases, and terminology.

Unless one has studied and researched into the true beliefs and doctrines of Mormonism, to see how Mormonism makes use of words and terminology familiar to Christians , but reinterprets them to accomodate un-Biblical doctrines, they can be easily misled.

Insights from and discussions with former Mormons are also of help.

Here is an excellent article from the TBS on the editorial "liberties" that liberal United Bible Society translators engaged in resulting in the NIV:

What Today's Christian Needs To Know About the NIV

With regards to this new edition of the Hebrew text [Biblia Hebraica Quinta], as was pointed out earlier, it is news that is not being widely discussed. 

Chances are that most average "lay" readers of the Bible, who aren't involved in Biblical "academia", this is news that has totally gone under the radar.

This blogger stumbled on to it by accident.



This is talking about blasphemy right? God and Mary having a sexual relationship?

To Mark:

Blasphemy-"to speak irreverently or profanely of or to [God or sacred things]"
"any remark or action held to be irreverent or disrespectful."

The particular doctrine referred to is definitely un-Biblical, and in the opinion of many is seen as at least "irrerverent".

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