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The UN is An Absurd Organization Beyond Redemption

Ban ki-Moon is a moonbat. As well as his Assistant Secretary General

This dhimmi moonbat is ranting against Israel's decision to resume building in their own land of Judea and Samaria.

The UN today is nothing more than a tool used by marxists, communists, and islamists to oppose America, Israel and the other free democratic countries.

At the time of the UN's founding, there were about 55 member nations.

Led by the U.S., most were free democratic countries with  Judeo / Christian heritage, beliefs, values, and culture.

The exceptions to this were the minority communist bloc nations led by Russia.

This is not the case today.

Today there are 192 member nations of the UN.

The great majority of these are atheist communist, marxist, and islamic dictatorships.

China, North Vietnam, being the major remaining communist countries today. North Korea, the worlds most oppressive , is a dictatorship based on "Juche", a form of leader-worship.

Next, there are a number of marxist-socialist dictatorships.  Venezuela is an example of a country whose democracy has been steadily undermined by Hugo Chavez.

Majority muslim and islamic dictatorships make up the bulk of non-democratic nations. Even though many muslim countries have elections, their laws are principally derived from islam and are discriminatory against non-muslims.

The United States and Israel remain bastions of democracy, true freedom of religion and speech. Despite efforts by 5th column groups such as ACORN and J Street to undermine us.

Needless to say, since most of the world nations that are members of the UN reject our values and Judeo / Christian culure, the UN is now irrelevant. It is being used as a tool against democracy, free speech, and freedom of religion.

The UN Human Rights Council is an absurd body with zero credibility.

David Horowitz debunks MSA Moonbat:




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