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Reaping the Consequences of Premature Cease-Fire Hizbullah 2006

Reaping the consequences of the premature ceasefire with Hizbullah in 2006: 

Report Warns Lebanon Takeover Planned-[by Hizbullah]

"BEIRUT, Lebanon – A new Middle East intelligence document warns that Hezbollah may be ready to take over Lebanon in a move that Iran supports because it could draw an attack by Israel, which then would be cited as an offensive provocation deserving a response by Tehran, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin."

"The report is from Global Information System, which provides unclassified global, intelligence and analysis for the U.S. government."

See here also.

This was utterly predictable. 

Condi's Misplaced Zealotry-

If Condi Rice displayed the same passionate zeal during UN negotiations over the terms of a cease-fire with Hizbullah in the 2nd Lebanon War,

as she does in bullying Israel to make concessions, no doubt there would have been a strong Chapter 7 mandate, instead of the weak 1701 Resolution.

As it was, Secretary Rice appeared eager to give in on the original American position and conceeded to the demands of the Arabs and the Europeans.

With the result being a token UNIFIL force with observer status only. And that's exactly what they do, observe and watch Hizbullah re-arm and re-supply.

Lebanese Christian Leader Takes on Hizbullah [CBN]:



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