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From Israel Today:

The growing grassroots conservative movement in the US known as the “Tea Party” is set to expand to Israel this coming Sunday.

The opening rally will be held at the Zionist Organization of America House in Tel Aviv under the banner of “Say No to Obama.”

Israeli organizers behind the event said the Israeli branch of the Tea Party will be just as patriotic and provocatively conservative as its American counterparts. The first order of business for the new branch will be combatting US President Barack Obama’s efforts to reinstate a Jewish building freeze in Judea and Samaria.

Organizers noted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under a tremendous amount of pressure from Obama and the American liberal elite, and so they want to counter that with pressure of their own.

The Tel Aviv Tea Party rally is expected to be attended by several high-ranking members of Netanyahu’s own Likud Party.

There was concern months ago that the Tea Party’s deep Christian connections would keep most conservative Jews from joining or backing the movement. But the launch of an Israel branch has clearly proved that fear unfounded. Most conservative Jews have realized, or are starting to realize, that Bible-believing Christians are

Israel radio-

Settlements in Judea and Samaria are equvilent to Tea Parties:



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