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Whitman Has Spent $162 Mill to be Governor: Thought Romney Was Bad!

Between radical democrat Jerry Brown and rino Meg Whitman, Californians have no suitable candidate for governor.

Mitt Romney spent $ 10 mill of his own money in a failed effort to win the Iowa Caucus in 2008. He was bested by Huckabee who spent $ 1 mill on Iowa.

After the big primary showdown of Super Tuesday Romney suspended his campaign for the presidency after spending $ 42 mill of his own money out of a total campaign expense of $ 97 mill.

By contrast rino candidate Meg Whitman has spent $162 mill trying to be elected governor in California.

Thought Romney was bad!

That says something is wrong. Wrong with the candidate and wrong with the message.

Campaigns are a legitimate means of vetting a candidate in the sense that we can learn a lot about how a candidate may govern a state, or the country, by how they govern their campaign.

Item #9 of " Ten Things You Didn't Know about Meg Whitman" :

9. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Whitman was Mitt Romney's national finance cochair and later was the national cochair for the McCain-Palin campaign.


Tragic mistake that should not be repeated .

Quite sure that the choice of national cochair for McCain/Palin was not Sarah's choice:

Sept. 2008-

McCain's National Cochair :

"Media Coverage of Sarah Palin is Completey Fair, Not Sexist"-Whitman

"Meg Whitman, McCain's national campaign co-chair and former CEO of e-Bay, veered off message today in an interview with Fox News, describing the media vetting of Palin as "completely fair" and saying that there hasn't really been any sexism to speak of in the coverage."

Oh really?

Brit Hume of Fox News disagreed.

Carly Fiorina was among those Republican women who slammed the unfair media bias and sexism against Sarah Palin. Video below:






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