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Biden Prediction True: Obama Invites Testing, International Crisis

Joe Biden's Oct. 2008 prediction that election of Obama would invite testing 6 months after election by dangerous dictator regimes has certainly been proven true.

The first major test came in June of 2009 with the Islamist regime's bloody crushing of their own citizens, protesting an election fraud and steal by Ahmadinejad. Obama failed to quickly speak out forcefully in support of election protesters.

In fact, even as Iranian election protesters were being beaten and killed on the streets of Iran, Obama was having hot dogs with representatives of the thug Islamist regime.

Flash forward not a year later a South Korean ship was sank by North Korea.

Muted response from the Obama Administration.

Just yesterday North Korean artlillery shelled a South Korean island resulting in the deaths of at least two and injury of others.

Some military experts have said that the recent contrail seen just 30 miles off Los Angeles, was from a missile fired by a submerged Chinese submarine just miles from the California coast.

In Joe Biden's Oct. 2008 remarks on how election of Obama would invite testing, Biden stated that he could think of at least four different senarios from where such testing would come.

No brainer:

Iran, China, North Korea, Islamists, -and to add to that least,- our southern border with Mexico. 

Obama's appeasement approach to foreign policy, his soft-weak responses to provocations thus far, only invite more of the same, undermine American security, and embolden enemies. 



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