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UN Recognition of "Palestine"?: The UN no Longer has Legitimacy or Credibility

[Originally posted Sept. 2011]

There are reports that Islamists eager to destroy the State of Israel will make use of the Islamist-highjacked United Nations to impose a "Palestinian" state in the very heart of Israel's Judea and Samaria.

Such an action will be null and void, and without legal validity.

Any UN resolution recognizing "Palestine" in Judea and Samaria will not have any degree of legitimacy or credible legal standing.

This is because such action on the part of the UN will be a violation of international law itself:

"This paper discusses the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish people, west of the Jordan River. It shows that the Arab claim that there is a legal right to a separate Arab state to be established in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (in Hebrew acronym – “Yesha”), whereas Jews are forbidden by public international law precepts from settling there, and the further claim that all Arabs who can trace their origins to pre-1967 Israel have a right to return to Israel, have no basis in international law."

--be to sure read it all.

In fact the UN has already been in violation of international law for several years. 

And thereby has forfeited it's legal standing and is no longer a credible legitimate organization.

The United Nations is No Longer Legitimate and Viable:

"Over the last few years, the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the United Nations has come into question.  The reasons for this range from the composition of the general membership, the Security council, and it's actions (or lack of action) surrounding various political, social and economic situations."--[read it all].

Update 09/20/11-

A must read from Caroline Glick: "Funding the Enemy"

A key excerpt-

["...the Defense Ministry argues that if the donor countries stop paying off the Palestinian militias - including the US-trained and funded Palestinian army - then their supposedly moderate forces will turn to the terror business to support themselves.

Aside from being strategically insane, this position bespeaks an unjustifiable unwillingness on the part of the leftist-dominated Defense Ministry to understand the basic nature of the Palestinian cause and what it requires from Israel.


Since the IDF and the Foreign Ministry and the rest of the government bureaucracy embraced the PLO as Israel's "peace partner" 18 years ago, they have been operating on the assumption that the PLO and its spinoffs - Fatah and the PA - are interested in reaching a peace deal with Israel. But this has never been the case."]


 Fatah, Hamas, the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas, Hizbullah are all part of militant Islam's global jihad.


Not "just Al-Qaeda".
As Obama seems to think.








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