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The Ummah is an "Apartheid" State; Not Israel!

Filipino Islamists want to take Mindinaou ,a huge chunk of island land belonging to the Phillipines, and turn it into a "Bangsamoro" state. Which by translation means "the Muslim state".

The Muslim state?

Sounds very "apartheid".

What about the non-Muslims who live there?

They will have to endure the same apartheid dhimmi treatment imposed on non-Muslims under Shariah. The same kind of persecution treatment the Christians and other non-Muslims have to deal with in Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other majority-Moslem countries.

Non-Muslims living in, [and under] an Islamic state, are living under "apartheid".

Kudos to Alicia Keys who went forward with her concert in Israel despite attempts by Islamists and other Israel haters to pressure her to boycott performing in Israel:

Ignoring Boycotters, Keys gives Sold-Out concert tonight in Israel-

Key excerpt:

["Supporters and detractors of Israel were duking it out on the Facebook page of popular rhythm and blues artist Alicia Keys, as she prepared for her concert Thursday night in Tel Aviv's Nokia Stadium. 

“I admire your courage in standing up to the lies and pressure from the Anti-Semites whose only interest is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people,” Steve Greenberg wrote Keys. “Good luck on the rest of your tour.”

Mel Ahmed, on the other hand, was among those who tried to convince Keys that Israel is an “apartheid state.” He chose to quote Nelson Mandela as saying: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians."

Lior Shalom replied to the accusations with facts:

“People continue to accuse Israel of being an Apartheid State. I think people use the term without really knowing what 'apartheid' means. Apartheid was a system of racial segregation used in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. This was an official policy that declared blacks second class citizens in every aspect of life. Blacks couldn’t vote or hold political office. They couldn’t marry whites and they couldn’t use the same public restrooms as whites. These are just a few examples."]

--read the full INN article here.


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