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U.S. Media Coverage of Egypt Does the Propaganda Bidding of Terrorists

Obama muslim brotherhood

The coverage of the turmoil and violence in Egypt caused by the Muslim Brotherhood jihad terrorists is flat out dispicable and misleading.

The Muslim Brotherhood jihadists are not "victims". They are the cause of the current turmoil in Egypt.

No doubt the MSM is dancing to the tune the Obamination is singing.

Statements made by President Obama in regards to Egypt have been both false and misleading.

The president stated- "our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back."

[the Egyptian military is not out killing civilians in the streets, as the Iranian Islamists did when its citizens took to the streets to peacefully protest a rigged presidential election.

Not only was the Obama administration's response lethargic, it took no real action to support the Iranian civilians angry at their Islamist mullah dictators.]

Both Obama and the U.S. media are painting a false and misleading picture to the American public.

The "civilians" Obama and the media refer to are in fact members of the Muslim Brotherhood jihad terrorist organization and its supporters.

Use of the term "civilians" by Obama is false and misleading.

But there is a reason behind Obama's false propaganda:

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration. Read here.

It is ironic that the Obama Admistration cancels a planned exercise with the Egyptian military, and there is talk of suspending aid over the military's crack down on the MB Islamists.

Ironic because for decades [under Mubarak] there were many calls to end that financial and military aid to Egypt. Calls to end that aid in light of the Egyptian military's view of Israel as "the enemy" when it practiced its wargames.

Recent Wikileaks:

["Documents revealed by Wikileaks show that Egypt continues to see Israel as its primary military threat despite a decades-old peace treaty. Egypt and Israel fought against each other in four wars before signing the treaty in 1979."]-read the rest.

 And also calls to end the aid over the Islam ist persecution, killing, abductions, and forced conversions of minority Christians in Egypt. The government under Mubarak indifferent and unresponsive.

Those calls were ignored and not supported.

There were U.S. congressmen who put forth proposals to cut the aid. But their legislative attempts [undermined by Condi Rice], and protests from the public against the aid were not supported.

It is important to note that the Egyptian government at that time while under Mubarak was not a totally secular government.

Before Morsi and the MB, when Egypt was still under Mubarak, civilian law and the judicial system in Egypt were greatly influenced by Islamic law [Shariah].

"End U.S. Military Aid to Egypt and other Oppressive Islamist Countries" [origionally posted 5/28/2010] -read here.


 ["The legal system in Egypt is based on Islamic law. Article Two of it's Constitution recognizes Islam as the "state religion".

Non-Muslim religious minorities in Egypt, mainly the Egyptian Christian Copts suffer horrendous abuse and discrimination under Islam's "dhimmitude" in Egypt.

Islam expert Robert Spencer writes the following:

"While the classic Islamic laws regarding dhimmis are not in force in Egypt today, they're still part of Islamic law, and as such Islamic clerics regard them as the proper status that Christians and other "People of the Book" should assume in the Islamic state." read all of it here."]

Take note, this was before Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, while Egypt was still under Mubarak.

The U.S. media is also falsely portraying the Islamist killings of Christians and burning of churches as the result of the military's ouster of Morsi.

It wasn't just the minority Christians in Egypt that protested the Morsi MB dictatorship, it was other Muslims and liberal secularists as well.

As far as the burning of Christian churches and attacks against Christians, that has been going ever since the arab Islamic military invasion and occupation of Egypt began:

["My main driving force is I want to prove to people the amount of persecution that Muslim converts and Christians face here [Egypt], and that the persecution has been going on for 1,400 years."-El Gohary

And he should know. From the Persecution Blog:

"For nearly two years, El-Gohary and his teenage daughter have been living in hiding because he abandoned Islam and embraced Christianity. During this time he has been beaten and forcibly detained, and his daughter has been attacked. He has had to endure death threats, poverty and crushing boredom."

"Asked what gets him through the constant pressure of living on the run, El-Gohary said he wants to show the world how Christians are treated in Egypt."

 read the rest here.]


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