Memorial Day: Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day Jog/Run Through  America's Most Historic City-continued

Fallen Heroes

Washington 042

Inscribed into the sides of the monument's granite pillars are names of fallen heroes from five wars:

  1. WWI
  2. WWII
  3. Korean
  4. Vietnam
  5. Global War on Terror

The Global War on Terror should more accurately have been inscribed as "The War to Defend Against the Global Islamic Jihad"

There was also some controversy involving land on which the FAVC's Fallen Heroes monument stands, and a small 3 and a 1/2 foot granite monument to 51 Confederates buried in umarked graves that have been paved over.

Inevitably the small 3 and 1/2 foot Confederate monument was moved across the street and now stands directly beside the parking lot for Maury Commons.




An ongoing problem for Fallen Confederate Heroes buried in the city's Confederate Cemetery:

Vehicles keep smashing into the brick wall-


And this last appropriate photo:

Washington 046

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A Jog/Run Through America's Most Historic City: Part Two

Part 2 of a series.

Memorial Day Jog/Run:

Other than the nation's capital city being named in honor of the first president, the District of Columbia has little real connection to George Washington. 

That historical connection belongs to Fredericksburg, Va. 

Below,- Washington Avenue 'mall' [so to speak]:


Looking down Washington Avenue can be seen the Freedom of Religion monument. A hallmark of any true democracy:





In the photo above, looking down Washinton Avenue, just to the left can be seen the 'Mary Washington' monument.

Below, a closer look:



The Mary Washington House:

Washington 062

The Rising Sun Tavern below:



Below is Ferry Farm,-where boy George grew up:



-more in the next post.


Best Place in America


Lord willing, future retirement home.

For over 30 years a great travel destination and living experience.

Front range of the Rocky Mountains and back-country wilderness hiking.

The "Mountain Man" outfitter supply store in Manitou was always a favorite stop before hitting the trail.

Not to mention the down-home restaurant that was just across the street.

Thanksgiving buffet at the Broadmoor, and "Old Colorado City" along Colorado Avenue between Manitou and downtown Colorado Springs.

Can't wait!